Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday time

We now have a sleeewwww of birthdays in August and September: Zachary, Wesley, then me, Ammon and Aubrey..all within a month. Nuts. We didn't plan this! I guess we just like to get cozy in November and December...tmi...hahahaha....sorry :)

So my first birthday post of many is dedicated to our Zachary. He has been a booger the past year. But I guess we love him :) I can't complain too much I guess. He is totally housebroken & doesn't chew up things, ever. But his barking at every little noise is driving me batty. When we were at the apartment, it was terrible! And he is still so so excitable when new people come over, beyond excited. So excited he'll pee on them. Its fun. I have to take him outside right before guests come over to prevent that embarassment :) I guess thats what you get when you buy a small dog...but he is a sweetheart. Good to the kids and tolerates Ammon(who likes to torture him...) There are days when I watch him with Ammon while Ammon laughs and laughs(while participating in said torturing..) and I'm so glad we got him. The kids are making so many memories with him. I have a feeling he'll have an extra special bond with our boys...hes even licked Wesley's little toes. So, Zac, I guess we'll keep you around:) Happy 3rd Birthday buddy! We love you.

Our little celebration (it was August 6th...before haircuts and Wesley's arrival:) I'm all out of order right now!

Have to post this picture because check out that tongue! Hes almost licking his eyeball. Crazy. He was finishing off a treat and enjoying his new toy.


Tara D. said...

Aw Zachary! I love that little guy, but I know what you mean about the barking. Glad he's a part of you guys' family; he's a lucky pup.
BTW, what the heck kinda cake is that?!? It looks like a giant terd. hee hee

hoLLy said...

its a plate of brownies :)someone had brought them over that day as a welcome to the ward gift and so we just used those to celebrate.

so yeah, little square shaped terds that somehow tasted like chocolate. :) they were the most delicious terds i've ever had.