Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Super Why, er, I mean Ammon boy!

Our sweet little Ammon turned 2 on September 1st! The past year with him has been soooo fun. He is just a sweetheart and the handsomest kid I've ever seen :) His personality is so easy going and laid back. He is friendly, funny, gentle and kind(well, other than biting his sisters on occasion...not sure how to fix that leetle problem). His favorite things are: being outside, reading books & "puh-ples"(puzzles). He is also starting to pretend with his toys and do the cutest little sound effects-totally a boy! He is also a great big brother and loves "weddy" so so much. He is so soft to him and if he hears him cry, he gets very concerned. I know they'll be buddies/arch enemies in no time :)

For Ammon's birthday this year, we kept it lowkey, just family. My aunt Cindy was even able to come over that day and spend it with us which was extra fun. I made a Super Why cake because that has been a show hes obsessed over the past couple of months. Nana & Tata even sent him a dress up Super Why costume which he loooves and wore all that day. He zoomed around the house as a super hero-it was adorable! The mask is a riot :) We were laughing and laughing when he first put it on and ran around the living room. He really played the part well :) Our big gift to him was a kiddie pool which he spent the afternoon enjoying along with our slip n slide in the backyard with his sisters. They had a blast! I love how the girls play so well with him and enjoyed these kiddie toys with him. They are awesome big sisters. We then ordered pizza later that afternoon, had cake & Bluebell icecream and finished off the day with opening presents. Well, actually, we let him open a few presents throughout the day to enjoy and then let him open the last two at the end of the day. And then he was extra lucky because gifts from Grandma & Grandma and aunts came in the mail not too long after that. He had a week of new toys! Thanks everyone that thought of him on his very special day! He loved everything and had a great day. Enjoy the pics of the birthday fun...

Birthday boy having a blast

Slip N Slide fun

Who knew a Slip N Slide could taste so good? Gotta love Cali.

Trying out the new slide. He was very cautious the first few times but was sailing down it in no time :)

 I thought the cake turned out cute. I do it the easy way. Plop a toy on top.

 This is the first photo taken with all seven of us. Ever. Thanks Cindy for taking it :)

Excited for cake! I just love the look on his face. Me, not so much. Total nerdo.

Look at his lips trying to blow it out-haha! So cute.

Sporting his Super Why gear...

Favorite picture of the day right here.

Time to open presents!

His first cell phone :)

Okay, maybe this is my favorite picture...I gave him a candle to lick the frosting off. He then took a bite of the candle. Oopsies.


Tara D. said...

Happy birthday to Ammon! Looks like soooooo much fun. :) And I do think that last photo is hilarious, hee hee. Yummy candles. Where did you get that Super Ammon shirt? So neat! Is that something Cyndi and Joe got for him too?

hoLLy said...

the super ammon shirt was actually a birthday gift from last year from one of my good friends, katie. she made it for him-so cute! he finally fits it this year and its so adorable on him.

Amanda said...

All I saw here was a beautiful stack of Blue Bell on the counter.