Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 32 on August 31st...it was, well, not too exciting..well it depends on what you call exciting I guess:) It was basically a regular day at home while Joey was at work and the girls were at school. Laundry, baby crying, dishes, good times. A sweet friend of mine, Emily, came to visit me and brought over lunch and treats which was so so awesome of her. It made me feel like somebody cared when honestly I was feeling kinda down that day. Ya know, postpartum emotions..they are super fun. I had a great time chatting with her and appreciated her coming to see me.

When the kids got home in the later afternoon, they wanted to make my cake. Somehow in the middle of the chaos of trying to get that done(baby crying again, arguing, etc), Ammon got a hold of an egg and threw it on the floor cracking it and making a huge mess. More chaos ensued. So I ended up making the cake. And had gotten a huge headache in the process of cleaning that up and dealing with the five kiddos. Then Joey came home with no dinner when he had planned to bring home dinner. He had to take his boss home from work(not planned, just thrust upon him) and all this stuff messed up his plans..long story:) I was feeling upset. I love to go out for dinner on my birthday or at least have a dinner that I love. And there was nothing. Wesley was still so little(just over two weeks old) that I wasn't able to go grocery shopping or go anywhere that week so the pantry was bare. And we don't live close to any good restaurants or fast food spots so it would've been a half hour of driving for Joey to go and buy something. So it was going to be sandwiches..or wait an hour to eat. Yea.

Well all of the sudden we heard a knock on the door and a woman from our new ward surprised us with a meal! And also an adorable "new mom survival kit" with all kinds of goodies(that just so happened to contain some of my favorite things: root beer and junior mints were in the package...seriously, she was inspired!) I couldn't believe it. The meal was fantastic and the fact that someone was thinking of us and knew exactly when we needed it was a testimony builder to me. What a nice person, and not only that, someone who is definitely in tune with the Spirit and answered a prayer of mine that day when I was feeling down. Two wonderful women really helped my day turn around. I was in a much better mood after that. After the meal, Joey and the kids decorated the dining room and made my evening wonderful with lots of birthday fun. SO while there were some not-so-cool parts of my birthday, there were some wonderful memorable things that happened I will never forget. The girls made this super sweet candy card for me and showered me with gifts. They worked so hard on preparing for my birthday(with their Daddy's help) and I'll treasure that forever. And Joey of course got me everything I wanted:$ for clothes shopping and a massage-can't beat that. I'm grateful for my sweet family and wonderful friends that love me! I felt like a mess that day and so many people helped make it great. So thank you to everyone that thought of me and cheered me up :) xoxo

Pictures of the evening festivities. Joey and the girls did a great job making it look perdy!

A seriously goofy picture of me contemplating my wish...I like to be silly(hence the title of this blog). And plus, one wish a year is all we get. Its important people!


Grammy Staffy said...

I'm glad that all turned out well. I'm glad that your sweet friends listened to the promptings and brightened your day. I think it speaks well of you that you could get over the disappointment of the day and have a nice evening with your family that loves you. Happy belated birthday dear.

Tara D. said...

I am so glad and happy that you have friends who love and take care of my sister. Sorry your birthday was super fabulous, but at least it got better. :) Happy birthday again! 32 is older than 30. Just sayin...

Tara D. said...

I meant to say "Sorry your birthday WASN'T super fabulous"...Oye!