Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Aubrey is 11! Thats almost 12. Yikers.

Aubrey is seriously getting too old. Which means I am too. Eek :) Aubrey turned the big 11 on September 10th!!! This was a family party year which meant she got to pick her activity of choice..her choice was Amazing Jakes. Sadly I didn't get to go:( Baby was not quite a month old yet and I was worried about all the germs a place like Amazing Jakes would have(think Chuck E Cheese/Gatti Town on steroids..go carts...rock golf) Joey took the three girls for a fun Saturday outing(the Saturday before her actual birthday) while I partied with the little boys at home. They had so much fun and I was so glad they did, even though I missed them that day. I was thrilled Joey took lots of pics and videos to share with me when they arrived back home.

Then on her actual birthday, we ordered her a chocolate chocolate chip decorated bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes(Aubreys wish..and I was glad to oblige-yummy!) and decorated with flowers and played classical music to make it all fancy-like:) It was so funny! We had her in her room while we decorated and when she came out we had made this tunnel with our hands(Joeys parents happened to be in town too which made it extra fun) that she had to walk through and then we frolicked around like weirdos to the music...or wait, that was just me:) It was fun. We are so cool. The cake was delicious and so was the bluebell icecream. We then watched her open lots of awesome gifts. Her favorites were her new shoes from us(TOMS, blue sparkly ones), new stuff to decorate her new room from my parents and her super fly Vera Bradley backpack from Nana & Tata. She also enjoyed Justice giftcards from her aunts(already spent on cool clothes!) Thanks everyone! She had a great birthday! I just can't believe she'll be in Young Womens in church next year.....cuh-razy. And if she continues to be a good responsible kid, we've promised her a cell phone on her 12th birthday. She is counting down the days :) We love you Aubrey and are so proud of the beautiful young lady you have become, gorgeous on the inside and out!

"Sun is too bright Dad!"

Fun pics...

Don't mess with these mercy with lasers...none at all. Especially Joey. He kills it every time at laser tag. I'm jealous of his skillz.

All 3 of the girls did the rock wall. Ella made it the highest while Aubrey watched...but as you'll see in the next picture, Aubrey got pretty dang high too. They are both braver than I.

Cali got a few inches up:) Hey, she tried! Still braver than I!

More fun...

Ella ate something sour I think. Either that or the girl behind her just let one rip and the smell just finally  reached her. Or wait, it was Aubrey. She looks guilty.

This picture is HILARIOUS. Looks like they just broke the sound barrier.

"Fancy" cake party pics...yeah paper plates is about as classy as I get.

The beautiful birthday girl. I still can't get over how grown up this kid is getting! :( Makes me sad. But at the same time happy :) I'm so proud of her and who she is becoming.

Cali went all out with her gifts: a buttload of coins. Aubrey put it all back in her wallet when she wasn't looking. It was a sweet gesture though. Pretty much her lifes savings! Sweet Cali.

 Aunt Tara sent a funny card :)

She loved all of her gifts..

Aubrey is the queen of facial expressions. Well, princess I guess. I'm the queen :)

I think this picture is the BEST. I love to see all three of my girls laughing together:) I can't remember what happened. Something to do with a fart I'm sure. We raise our ladies right.
The End.

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Tara D. said...

If it was a fart, I think it must've been Cali's. ;-) LOL It's great to be able to see these pictures; it almost feels like I'm there too. So glad she had an awesome par-tay! Love y'all!!!