Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Shower/Birthday Bash

I totally forgot to post about a little baby/birthday party a few wonderful friends hosted for me! Sarah, Katie & Emily threw it for me at Katie's home last month. We all enjoyed yummy appetizers and cupcakes, great conversation(I hadn't seen most of these ladies in months with all the craziness of life!), a couple of games and of course awesome gifts from dear friends. I truly appreciated that they did this for me, even though it was #5. Its always nice to have a special evening to celebrate you and your baby. Pregnancy, childbirth(and not to mention just plain raising a kid:) is hard..I think everybody deserves a party for every baby! I forgot to take pics during the shower-I was so wrapped up in talking to everyone I forgot(I'm dying for socializing right now! ha). But I did take a pic before and after....

Right as I was leaving I was like, crud, I didn't really take any pics! So I grabbed my camera and took a picture of me and the three gals that threw it for me, 3 of my favorite people in the world. Love you guys! Thanks again!!

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Tara D. said...

How nice of those ladies to throw a party for you. :) Looks like fun and lots of good food- it doesn't help that I'm starving right now. CUPCAKE!