Sunday, October 14, 2012

Iceskatin Girls

Joey took the girls to the nearby iceskating rink a couple of weeks ago when the kids had off school(Veteran's Day I think?) I didn't take the girls because, well, I'll admit it... I'm afraid to iceskate! I have zero balancing skills. As a kid rollerskating, I looked like a freak I'm sure. Hugging the wall for dear life...fell on my butt a couple of times and seriously hurt my tailbone. So, yeah, I'm not even gonna try iceskating any time soon! I told Joey the only way I would ever do it is if it was at Rockefeller Center at Christmas time and he was holding my hand. That looks terribly romantic.

Our 3 cute girls

Aubrey is like her Mama-skating is not her top favorite thing to do in the world (but I'll say she is MUCH more coordinated and balanced still! Good thing these kids have their Daddy's genes too:)

Gotta love Ella poses(she loves to put her hand on her hip:) She LOVES iceskating. So much that she is taking lessons right now.

 Cali was brave this time around and actual let go of Joey's hand for the first time. Go Cali go! She was so proud of herself.
These kids are lucky to have such a fun and skilled Dad. He is the opposite of me in that way. Balancing is one of his HUGE strengths. Lets hope Ammon and Wes have it too. Joey just mentioned to me tonight that he wants to get Ammon on a board of some kind soon :) He wasn't kidding.


jOeY said...

I can't wait to take you back to NYC so you can finally go ice skating with me! :) We'll do it someday. And hey, you never said anything about christmas. :P

Tara D. said...

As for these ladies, I can't believe they can skate without hugging the wall! I don't think I can stand on iceskates. :-( It's quite sad.
Can't wait to see Ammon skating or surfing (assisted, of course)! I bet he'd love it.

Emily said...

I didn't know she was taking iceskating lessons? you will have to tell me how they are. Brooke always wants to do that.
Looks like fun!