Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The pumpkin patch trip from heck

Enjoy pics from our annual Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch trip...I'll admit it wasn't the best trip..we got a late start...Wes cried the entire way there...AND back(and this place is about an hour from our home, yeah, it was awesome)...the place started closing before we were done doing everything we wanted to...so the kids were pouty(ungrateful little boogers!:) on the way home..so we were annoyed with them...one of those, "Why did we do this?" kind of evenings.  Oh, and on the way home we usually go to Cici's Pizza. And that didn't even work out. The place was so crowded there were no tables that evening! So that was super awesome too. But hey, while we were there at the pumpkin patch, we did have a good time I guess:) And we got a whole lotta hilarious pics. The kids were in rare form...I don't think I've seen so many funny facial expressions all in one batch before. So while it wasn't the best time ever, we can at least laugh about it now. Life ain't perfect and I don't ever pretend it is. :)

Wesley puked. Aubrey is in shock. Cali is still holding onto her fake smile while she looks. Ammon has his hand in Ella's shirt. Awesome.

Everyone laughing at Aubrey. We all laughed. Sorry Aub.

The one great shot we got of all five kids. I do declare they are adorable.

Just some cute shots of the kids...

The tractor driver waved at us. Not just that but he stood and waved! So that deserved a picture. I was camera happy that evening.

Me & my little guy

 Aubrey and her faces...gotta love her.

 Sisterly love. Right after this Cali shoved Ella off...just kidding :)
 Wow, Ammon is strong. And wow, Joey looks excited! hahaha. Hes going to LOVE that I posted this one.

I had the idea of getting a cute father/son picture sitting on the pumpkins. Obviously. Ammon had a different picture in mind. The "lets claw Daddy's face off" picture. Enjoy the next few pics. Joey turns that frown upside down:)

Time for the little train ride! Ammon started to freak once he got inside. But as you can see from the following pics, he calms down and somewhat enjoys it. Here is Joey trying to distract him with his phone(which was a genius idea btw, Ammon LOVES phones...a little T-Mobile engineer in the making)

The little girls having fun...

There goes Aubrey again. Aubrey the facemaker. Totally my kid.

 Hi Mom!!!

Had to get the "My First Pumpkin Patch" picture of Wes. So cute! Hes like, what are they doing to me now...

Is anyone else having a hard time centering captions? Uggh. Blogger is killin me!

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Tara D. said...

Awww, I've been waiting for a new post. They are the highlight of my day! :-) Loved all the pics, much fun!