Monday, October 08, 2012

Wesley: One Month!

Wesley turned one month old on Sept 13!(I'm still playing blog catch up...and wondering when I ever won't be these days!:) The weeks really flew by with our little guy. I decided this time around to try to take a picture of him at every month milestone. We'll see how I do with that...I've never done that with the other kids when they were babies. And since this might be our last baby(yep, you heard it here), I want to do some of the things I've never done before. I've seen some really cute ideas on other blogs of how to do this-some people hang the sign with clothespins above them, have the baby hold a sign or a little chalkboard, onesies with the month printed on it, cutesie wording on a photo editing program on the picture itself and other brilliant ideas. Me, I just made and printed a sign and stuck it beside him. Easy. Not the most clever idea. But its cute :) I'm tryin here :) I mean, HE'S so dang cute so of course its cute! This month hes been a pretty easy baby. He sleeps good at night-I'm only having to wake up once or twice with him and he goes right back down. His temperament is off and on. He'll be really happy and fine some days, really fussy others. He keeps tricking me:) He is starting to smile at us a lot and its so fun. His smile is SO big and his right dimple is so sooo adorable! I love this sweet precious little boy, he makes us feel complete. Happy One Month Wes! We love you! Enjoy pics from my "photo shoot" with him(and Ammon who joined in on the fun too). And obviously I'm not a professional photographer but I tried.


Marie Rayner said...

Wonderful pictures Holly! You have such a sweet family! xxoo

Tara D. said...

I just love those photos with both Ammon and Wes. Seriously, I bet they've always been best buds and will continue to be so. So sweet, those two.

Emily said...

Those dimples are so cute! He is adorable. You guys make cute kids!