Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween 2012

I think this was one of my most favorite Halloweens EVER. The weather was amazing, cool and clear skies. The kids were happy. We couldn't stop laughing at how cute Ammon looked as Yoda, waddling up to each door:) The kids were all just so cute and excited to go to every house. I just remember being happy that night. It was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood. The homes are spread apart pretty far so we weren't sure how much candy the kids would get or how far we'd have to walk, but it was perfect. We hit maybe a dozen homes and each home gave them a good handful of candy so they felt that was good enough(Phew, I didn't want to walk miles! I'm just plain lazy like that.) We put Cali and Ammon in our little red Radio Flyer wagon, I had Wes in the Bjorn and the older two girls walked.  We looked adorable I think:) A couple of people asked if these were all our kids. Yup. They is. :) We got quite the posse these days. Halloween this year was one of those nights where I just soaked it in....being a mom...wife...the memories we make together..I was content. I love these people of mine! I am so blessed.


Tara D. said...

Love all of these pictures. Those kids are just so beautiful; the costumes were all awesome, too. Ammon is the most adorable Yoda I've ever seen! ;-)

Amanda said...

That is quite the crew you have! A good looking bunch... And I love Aubrey's face in the jumping pictures. Just perfect!