Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Story FHE

I've always wanted to dress up with the kids and reenact the Christmas story with them...but never had costumes. Well, I lucked out this year. Our Relief Society had a night where we were able to make our own little nativity kits. Score! Not full on costumes but the head pieces, so it works!   We had everyone draw names to decide who they would be. Ammon was the angel:) Cali was Mary. Joey was Joseph. Aubrey was a wise man and Ella was a shepherd. Wesley was...asleep:) Oh, and I was the narrator. We had fun with it! The kids did as you can see....they are such crazies...something about those costumes turned the wacko on in them. These pictures make me laugh...we were reverent at some point, I promise :)

Oh and here are some "normal" sweet children finally... :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Where's Waldo Buddies

I think Where's Waldo? has to be one of the best books ever. Keeps the little kids quiet. 
Which keeps their Mom, well, sane.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Ella!

Ella turned 9 on December 22nd! Our little Christmas baby :) We had a fun family day planned...her last day of ice skating lessons was that morning...followed by a trip to Main Event for bowling, laser tag, mini golf and the ropes course(Uh, yeah, i didn't do that:) and then we went to her choice of restaurant for dinner which was Cici's Pizza. I'll even admit I like Cici's! Ain't not shame in my game. They have a mean bbq pizza :) And I love a buffet. I mean whoever came up with the idea to let people just keep on eating and eating till they bust for one price was genius. So good choice Ella :) We let her open my parents gift early in the morning because they were the shoes she has been dying for(so she could sport them all day long of course:) She was so thrilled! She opened the rest of the gifts that evening after a "Shake It Up" themed family party complete with cake, icecream & music. Our gift to her was a bike(we gave it to her early so she could enjoy it throughout the fall) and a baptism book I made her on Shutterfly. I compiled our favorite pictures that Joey took of her last year into a small memory book. It turned out pretty cute! And Joey's parents got her a  super cute Vera Bradley backpack. She is our VB fanatic :) She loves style. A little too much sometimes..she is going to be an expensive wife someday :) hahaha. Happy Birthday to our sweet girl who lives life with flare! One of my favorite memories of Ella this year is how she skips up to the house when she gets off the bus after school :) Thats how I know shes had a great day. If she is just walking, then it was so-so. Every thing she does, she does special! She is a special girl that we love so much!

Opening her Sperry's..I'm not sure if she likes them... :)

Time for Main Event!

This was Ammon's first time to bowl...he LOVED it. A little too much. He didn't want anyone else to have a turn:) He had a few minor meltdowns until he figured out the "we take turns" thing.

 Yes!!! Aubrey did great and was obviously proud of herself here :)

 Cali helping keep Wes happy. Such a good big sis. And Wes did so good! Well other than one poop explosion..of course while Joey was with the older kids on the ropes...that was fun for me...

Check out that style.

Cali happy after she got a spare. Go Cali!

Okay, so I will tell you a secret. Ella did not have a good time bowling! She refused to use bumpers...which means she gutter balled a LOT. But she was stubborn and didn't want the darn bumpers since she is "9" now :) So she was pouting and unhappy which made Joey and I unhappy. No one wants the birthday kid crying! She was in a bad mood most of the round...but miraculously she got a STRIKE on the 9th frame! Prayers answered. Halleluyer. That turned the whole day around thankfully! She was so happy. So we all were. Phew.

Proof of the strike...

 Golfin with my peeps.

Joey, Aubrey & Ella did the ropes course. Basically harnesses, suspended high up in the air, with them balancing and walking along ropes and stuff. Freaky dude. Ella almost backed out when she got up there. I could see the fear in her eyes, but she did it anyways. We were so proud of her! And I was proud of Aubrey too..she had done this before with a friend and I remember her telling me how scary it was. Yet she did it again so she could do it with Ella too. Such a trooper. My kids are way braver than I EVER was or EVER will be! They got that from their Daddy for sure. Made me nervous just watching from below.

Cali playing while the older kids were on the ropes...

This is just a funny picture of Cali with a gummy ear...yeah, weird! She won it at Cici's in one of the candy crane games. When she took a bite, it just looked plain wrong. Gross man. But it made us all laugh :)

Party at our house!

I love glowing birthday candle magical.

Opening gifts from everyone. I'd say she had a great day! And made out like a bandit.

And I almost forgot..she had some free ice skating passes left on her card from lessons that expired that day, so Joey and the older two snuck off later that night to ice skate for fun. Ella was so thrilled. She just loves to ice skate and is so good at it. It was definitely a day where I don't think we could've packed in more fun. Happy 9th Birthday Ella!!!!! Hope you had a blast!

Friday, December 21, 2012

4 months old!

Wesley just hit 4 months! Go Wesley go! Crazy how the time flies. New this month: toe sucking...NOT sleeping through the night(Wesley, whatcha gone and done boy?! :)...but happy pretty much all day long...oh and grabbing at toys some. So, while I'm up at night, hes at least rarely crying during the day. Honestly, I'll take that over what we had before. Now if I can just get him sleeping through the night again...I'll blame the cold he had recently, darn cold! Anyways, he is just getting so much more communicative with sounds and just so much happier all around.  I couldn't be happier!(Well, okay, if he would sleep through the night again I would:) Enjoy a few adorable pics from our most recent "photo shoot." I'm glad I decided to do this month thing with Wesley. Its been fun to have these mother/son moments together each month while I take his pictures :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge Surprise!

We finished the Book of Mormon as a family for the second time! It only takes us about 3 years :) We are slow...but we do it and that's what matters right? We were so proud of the kids for their diligence in reading with us nightly. They never complain about it. Its just become part of the routine. I'm so happy we started doing this nightly when Aubrey was a sunbeam years ago. Joey and I felt that our family deserved a vacation so we surprised the kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. We hadn't been in a couple of years so the kids were so excited! The way we surprised them was after the last page of the Book of Mormon, we slid in a little note with a paw print on it that said something like, "Congratulations on finishing the Book of Mormon! Get ready to pack your bags for a trip this weekend. Here's a clue. . ." and then the paw print was there. It didn't take long for them to guess where we were headed followed by squeals of excitement. They kept saying thank you over and over :) I was concerned that the trip wouldn't turn out with the baby in tow but everything went perfectly. It was a much needed vacation for us all. Highlights of the trip include: chillin in the "cabin"(my kids are so hilarious about the rooms, they are so detail oriented and love all of the drawings and the cabin feel), eating hot pockets and root beer for dinner, finally finishing Magiquest (We are all master magis now! Better go and buy some wizard cloaks!), getting to meet "Rudy the Reindeer"at storytime with no kids freaking out(Wow, that's a first. Our kids are weird about characters of the costumed kind...), and just having fun at the water park. As you can see, Ammon LOVED his first trip to the lodge! We have lots of cute pictures of him and everyone...there are even a couple of funny pics in the of Aubrey doing I don't know what...and one of Ammon being a terd when we wanted to take a picture of him and his sisters:)  Enjoy.