Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Special Piano Recital

What made it special you ask? Special friends. The girls have piano recitals twice a year so we've had several..but this one was extra special because of special friends! Aubrey's English teacher at school  told the kids to let her know about any extracurricular activities they are involved in so she could try and attend. Now Aubrey doesn't just have one teacher..she has several...which means this teacher has LOTS of students. So when Aubrey invited her to the piano recital, I thought, is she really going to come? And sure enough, she didn't disappoint. Aubrey was so happy to see her! She is her favorite teacher :) Such an awesome gal. Ella invited her new buddy from school, Caitlyn, and her family. And they surprised us and came too! We love these new friends of ours and were so happy to see them there. It meant a lot to us that everyone took time out of their busy weekend to let our girls know they care. So, they each had a wonderful surprise from people that mean a lot to them. It was a spectacular recital shared with friends. They did a great job too of course :)

All of the piano students with Ms. Bethany, their awesome piano teacher..

 Aubrey and her amazing school teacher, Mrs. Johnson...

Ella and her dear friend, Caitlyn.... 

The girls with Bethany. We love her!


Grammy Staffy said...

This is the 3rd time I've tried to leave you a comment. Each time it disappears when I click publish.... I hope that this one will work because I want to say "hi" to you and send you a hug.

How nice that Mrs. Johnson and your friends came to the recital. I wish I could have been there too. I'm sure that the girls did a great job.

I was so happy to find a comment from you on my blog today. I love hearing from you and reading your blog. You have such a special family. Have a great week.
Hugs, Lura

Tara D. said...

Aw, that's so neat that Aubrey's teacher and Ella's friend were there. I bet they did amazing! I wish I were closer so that I could have been there, too.