Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crispas Lights!

I titled the post this because when Aubrey was about Ammon's age, I remember looking at Christmas lights together as the little family we were and that's what she would shout at every house that had lights :) It was dang cute.

So Joey spent part of a Saturday and then a Monday evening putting up my dream Christmas lights on our dream home. I have always wanted a home with the type of pitched roof lines(I just made that term up) that our new home has. And I've always thought icicle lights look so pretty on similar houses I've seen in the past. Joey made my vision come to life. Thanks Mr. Spouse! He even bought the commercial grade lights that look even more awesome. Our house looked so beautiful. I smiled every time I drove up to our house at night and it was lit up. Pinch me people!

Me saying, "Ta-da!" like I was the one who did it. Hehehe. I'm such a dork.

We're home y'all:)
And I just saw our electric bill for the month of December. Yowsas. It was worth it though :)


Tara D. said...

So beautiful! Love the picture with you in it, lol!!! :)

hoLLy said...

i'm such a nerd.