Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ella and the Eagle Express

Check out what Ella learned this season in basketball!

I mean, wow, check her out! 

Ok, so obviously the dude in the white shirt isn't Ella. And she didn't learn to do that this year :) But she did have fun watching "Team Big Air" do it at our local sports association's opening night for the start of the basketball season. They announced all the kids teams and had quite the show. Unfortunately where we were sitting, some idiots stood right in front of us right when they called Ella's team...and we had waited an hour with all of our kids on a Friday night for her team to get announced. I won't even go there. Uggh, ticked. But she had a great time...and it was fun to feel of our towns big phat spirit. They love their sports.

 Ella was very excited to start up her favorite sport in the world again: basketball. Her team this season is the Eagle Express and she is lucky enough to be on a team with a friend from church and three girls from her class at school. They are having a tough season honestly. They've lost every game:( But we keep reminding Ella that some years/seasons are harder than others and you just have to learn how to lose sometimes. She just has to always try her best. And hey, she has made a basket! :) Better than I ever was, thats for sure. We are proud of her and how hard she is working. She has surprised us with how aggressive she can be. She is doing awesome. These are pics from her first game. I didn't get many pictures. Its tough with 2 little ones in tow to go to these games and try to take pictures too. We are lucky we even make it on time :) 

Hey, and yeah they aren't winning. But they have the cutest uniforms I've seen. I mean, check her out.

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