Sunday, December 02, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

This was THE most difficult photo shoot ever!!!! Trying to get five kids to all look straight(well not Wesley so much but I at least needed to make sure you could see his face) and smile was nearly impossible. Ammon was such a two year old:) He kept running around, not wanting to stand still, not wanting to smile..And if we finally got him smiling, then someone else wasn't...or the picture was blurry(it was getting dark so we were racing against the sun!) My dear friend Susan came to help us get the family shots and she was so awesome to do that for us. She did a wonderful job! Joey did the ones of the kiddos and myself and the kiddos. And they were all taken in our very own front yard. So nice to have such an awesome backdrop right here! And Susan had the idea that Joey and I should take a picture together which I'm glad she made us do:) It turned out cute...we look happy(cuz we are! :) I guess I'm still pretty darn in love with that boy.

So, enjoy the best of the pictures..there were a couple hundred total. Yeah, it was fun:) I included a couple of the funny ones towards the bottom where Ammon is sticking out his tongue or laughing at Wesley while Cali scratches her booty. Good stuff.


Jan said...

These are some beautiful pictures! LOVE them!

hoLLy said...

thanks jan!