Thursday, December 13, 2012

Journey to Bethlehem with friends

We decided to check out Journey to Bethlehem down in Waxahachie this year. We have heard about it for years but had never made the trek down. We invited a wonderful family(our favorite new friends!) to go with us and thanks to them being with us, we had a good time :) It was pretty cool, but 1. Its almost a two hour drive. And with a baby that hated the carseat still...aye chi wow. Holy fun-ness. Definitely something we marked as "check" and will probably never go back to. It was quite the journey...  2. We have something we've gone to in the past to compare it to...and it wasn't as good as that! I mean, the focus was on the village and the shops it seemed. It was really neat and felt like we really were walking through the streets of Bethlehem, so I'll give em that. The merchants were totally in character which was pretty funny. And of course the kids got to participate in some fun activities. But overall, there just wasn't any part of it where I felt a sense of real reverence like I did at the Plano church event we went to in years past(that is no longer going on unfortunately). I remember truly feeling the Spirit there. This one didn't go through the entire story of the nativity as well.  But it was cool. It was! :) And I appreciate that its free of charge(you can make donations of course). Its definitely a neat experience overall and I'm glad we finally checked it out. But I miss the Plano one :(  Its funny-Ashlie(whose family was with us) just moved to Texas from Michigan and she said the exact same thing. They had gone to another church's Bethlehem event in the past that sounded very similar to the one we had gone to and she liked that one better to. So we aren't just being picky! Anyways, I digress...we did have a good time and the kids got to experience and see some pretty rad things. I definitely saw the largest camel I've ever seen in my life. So that in itself made it worth the drive :) And it was fun to go and do something with another family. We've been somewhat anti-social since moving. Things have just been so busy with the move and adjusting to life with five kids. So it was so awesome to have some friends to do something with again. We love this family! I'm so glad they endured this with us ;) (thats what we joked about later)

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