Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thanksgiving Week at Grandma & Grandpa's

Finally posting Thanksgiving!!! I'm doing the usual divide-up of pics. I'll post the pics from the stuff we did with my parents/family and then I'll do a post with Joey's parents/family. There are just so many pics to put it into one post! We are picture takers I think:) Highlights of our visit were making treats and Thanksgiving place cards with Grandma...playing Just Dance, ping pong & darts..Peanuts...a delicious Thanksgiving meal..going to the movies...visiting with my cousins one evening at the Wilkey's home(kids LOVED playing with their second cousins!) and a trip to good ole Panjo's Pizza where Tara stole the show. She really did. She started dancing to the music(there is a cute little old man band there that plays on the weekends-Bubba & the Gang) and after her "show" one of the old dude band members came over, handed her a piece of gum and said something like, "You deserve this because of your gyrating skills." Something like that. All I know is he used the word gyrate and we all busted up! Tara is hilarious. I got it on video and if blogger will let me, I'm going to try and post it! She is nutty fun. I will never forget her moves that night. She was in rare form. We had a great time with the Smith family! Always sad to say goodbye :(


Tara D. said...

LOL! I look horrible in the first photo of me! But, I do think I planned it that way. Ha. I hope blogger never lets you post the video. hahahahahaha J/K I couldn't care less. You know me, NO SHAME! ;-)

hoLLy said...

thats why i posted that one!!! hahahahaha. its hilarious. there is a second one i took where you actually look good and are smiling..but i chose the funnier one. tehee.