Saturday, December 08, 2012

Thanksgiving Week at Nana & Tata's

We had a wonderful week with Joey's side of the fam! Its fun how we get to see everyone in our family with one trip to Corpus. There are always a good variety of activities with each family. Highlights of our visit with Nana & Tata and the Youngbergs: eating lunch on the Laguna Madre at Snoopy's Pier...finally checking out the souvie shop on Padre Island with the big Shark mouth(scary!)...froyo hookup at Nikki's friend's new yummy frozen yogurt shop, Sweet Swirl...decorating the grandkiddos Christmas tree and gingerbread houses...the kids making Gangnam style videos with Tata (which made us laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. Joe is just plain awesome.) and of course, an amazing Thanksgiving feast. As you can see Shelby and Cali are quite the pair. I love it! So fun for Cali to have a little cousin buddy:) And even though Don Roy and Kai are getting older, they aren't too old to hang out with my girls. They are awesome nephews! Thanks Joe & Cyndi for a wonderful time. We love you all!

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