Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas Eve in our New Home

Christmas Eve is always such an exciting day, especially when you are surrounded by little ones. And especially when you get to experience it in a new home and make some of your first holiday memories there! So, Joey had the day off and we really just hung out most of the day. Lowkey. The kids cleaned their rooms and the playroom to make room for the stuff they hoped Santa would deliver(I think this is the only time in the year where they are excited to clean..I guess envisioning the new toys is very motivating:) Later in the day we started cooking. We always have our own little "party" with fun finger foods and treats. I gave each girl a specific food they were in charge of. Aubrey did the punch and helped make the spinach cheese dip. We tried a new recipe and it was yum!  Ella did the grape jelly meatballs. Cali did the pigs in a blanket. They loved each having their own thing to prepare. And of course everything was very tasty! They did such a great job. After eating and listening to some music, we exchanged our Christmas Eve gifts(we draw names a week or so before Christmas and buy each other gifts at dollar spot). The kids just love doing this. Its always entertaining to see what they choose for the other person and why. Then we did our traditional baking of the sugar cookies and decorating. Its always such an involved ordeal to make those but they love it and I know its part of the memories:) I think next year I may just buy the dough and frosting..I say that every year and I always end up doing it from scratch because it just tastes better! But man oh man, its a mess after the night is through! I don't make everything in the world from scratch, but this is one of those things I usually do. Between the baking and the cooking, wowsas. After its all said and done, Joey and I weren't in bed till 2pm! And then I was up with Wesley at 4am. It was an exhausting Christmas to say the least! I love it though. I love being a Mama! When you ask Aubrey what is her favorite holiday and what are some of her favorite memories, one of the first things she'll say is our Christmas Eve "party" and all the yummy finger foods we make together. So yeah, its all worth it:)

Time to eat people! Wait, that should be "time to eat, people!" Otherwise it sounds like we are going to actually eat people. 

Wesley enjoying his first Christmas Eve

Gift exchange time

 Joey is gonna love me for posting this one...hehehe.

Below is a plate that Cali made for our family at school using her little finger prints. So cute! Thanks Cali girl!

 And here is the plate of decorated cookies for Santa and a note from Ella to Buddy the Elf. She made him her own "trail mix" she called it:) She is so funny. She doesn't want him left out. Its hard to read in the picture but she even wished him a "fine Christmas!" :)

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Tara D. said...

What beautiful memories they are making! :) Loved all the pictures, especially Joey's. Hee hee He must have gotten an awesome little gift! LOL Ella's note is darling. So adorable!