Thursday, February 28, 2013


As you probably know, we LOVE Valentine's at this house! Its just so fun to have a special day to do extra nice things for each other and be all lovey dovey:) My kids always make each other and us the sweetest cards. We always go out as a family that evening and have dinner at Mac Grill. This year I looked around the table at dinner and thought, wow, we have five amazing kids. We sat there with all of them very well behaved(this isn't always the case yall, but their gift to us was acting like total angels that night!) we exchanged gifts(candy filled cups for the kids) and really enjoyed our time together. Joey and I were so lucky that his parents were in town just two days before Valentine's Day, so we got to go on a little lunch date just the two of us early. WOOHOO! Happy Valentine's to us! Dates these days don't really happen so it was wonderful. Wesley is just so little that I'm not comfortable leaving him with anyone other than family or adult friends. And I'm nursing. Two things that work against us. Oh, and I'm cheap. Haha. Let me just say I can't wait until Aubrey turns 12-built in babysitter baby! We'll be going on dates every Friday night. I'm counting anyways, he and I went to Gloria's and he was also a gem and bought me some expensive makeup. I'm not a makeup girl, but I had it in my head that I wanted some cool eye shadow:) So he got me Naked 2! Thats like real makeup people! Not the 3 dollar stuff I usually buy at Wallyworld. Its so sparkly!!! I wouldn't buy it for myself so I'm glad he did :) I am verrrry frugal and I really have a hard time buying myself anything. Anything nice, he has bought me :) Hes good to me. I got him what he wanted if you know what I mean...AND I really can't remember what else...something, I think...hmmm. Its bugging me right now that I can't remember! But I got him something cool. I know it. Cuz I'm a cool wife. That just can't remember what the cool thing was I got him. Dangit. Anyways, I hope YOU had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the people you love too!!!! xoxoXOXOxoxo

Here are some pics I took from the restaurant with the kiddos, a pic of Cali & Ella with their school loot(sad that this was the first year Aubrey didn't have the traditional "valentines party" at school! Sniff sniff..) and also pics from our heart shaped cookie decorating night with Nana & Tata earlier in the week. As you will see, Joey and his Dad had fun with the pink candy corns :) Scary crazy dudes. I laugh every time I look at the picture of Joe. Love him. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

6 months! Thats half a year. Yikes!

I still can't believe this baby is getting this big! He is at the PERFECT age. He IS perfect. Well, okay, he could sleep better at night still...:) But still, a little piece of heaven. I mean, look at this smile!! And those dimples! He melts me. This month he is starting to wiggle around enough to actually get to a toy he wants-not officially scooting or crawling, but SO close. He somehow gets there:) He is still crazy about those toes and loves to suck them. He is one of the most limber kids I've ever seen! He has  become a pro at his jumperoo and jumps like a little Tigger :) He loves that thing! And I do too...He is also getting more grabby  and noticing more of whats around him. He is a happy little guy. We call him Smiley, part 2. Ella was part 1 :) He just smiles so much! We love you Wesley! Happy 6 months! And p.s.He tried baby food. Not a fan...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Train Show for Daddy-O

Not until the past couple of years have I realized how much Joey loves model trains or trains in general. Its really cute :) Joey's parents bought him the Polar Express train for a birthday/Christmas present a few years ago and its become a fun Christmas tradition. I love to watch it cruise around our tree. But what I love most is watching Joey unbox it all with the kids and set it up..and of course turning it on and watching it go with at least one child in his lap. Its such a magical thing! Joey also has a train set that belonged to his grandfather. It doesn't work but we always set it up at Christmas time as a decoration and Santa always fills the train cars with candy :) Its an antique Lionel train.Anyways, back to the point of this post, when Joey heard there was a big train show being held at a local convention center-he made sure we were there:) I wasn't extraordinarily excited about it(I'll admit it!) and the girls weren't sure how thrilled they were either. Not saying we don't like trains, but to spend hours of our Saturday driving to look at a bunch of old trains didn't sound amazing-haha. But we will all admit it was very COOL. I never knew how many different types of model trains their were...and how serious people are about them! So many cool scenes and setups. Big trains, teeny trains. These men were serious-one dude was even wearing a little train engineer outfit and hat :) So awesome. Ammon and Joey were in heaven :) And us girls, well, we had fun too.

Joey & the girls checkin out trains. And Ammon checkin out the train stamp on his hand. That was one of the most exciting parts for him :)

Ammon looks pretty serious...haha

Ammon is still enthralled with the train stamp on his hand :)

 A little campfire

Just a cool scene. I think I took better pics on my phone than on my camera. Oh well. Here they are anyways There was one scene with an amusement park and all kinds of stuff.

The cute little old man engineer :)

Cali making Wesley giggle. He was so good.


 A really neat train and the top of Aubrey's head.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nana & Tata's boys

Just a couple of precious pictures from Nana & Tata's most recent visit. Tata and Ammon have a very special bond. Tata is always playing with his Ammon boy or "boy boy" as he says :) I love to see them together. And Nana is always fun to cuddle with.Our babies always fall asleep so easy on her and love her to pieces. Grandparents are the best!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Aubrey aka Spelling Champ!

So Aubrey comes home one day and says very nonchalantly that she won her classroom spelling bee and gets to participate in the school-wide bee the next week. I was like, cool! It was a Friday morning so Joey had planned to go into work late to attend(since we were actually invited-our last school didn't even invite parents-lame) and I was going to go of course too. Well, the day came and Ella was very sick so I had to stay home :( I was SOOOO sad!! I told Joey to video and take pics for me and he called me right when it was over..unfortunately I was changing a diaper or something and I couldn't get to the phone. So by the time I called him back he was already on his way back to work. I asked him how it went and he told me she did good, better than she thought she would but that she wanted to tell me what place she got herself. I was like, what??! I want to know now! :)So I had to wait until about 4pm to find out. It killed me! I thought maybe she got 3rd or 4th(last year she made top ten, I can't remember what she got) So all day long I wondered...and when she got home, she looked all sad and told me she didn't do that great. I was like, what? I was confused..and hoping she was faking it..and thankfully she was because she then told me she placed FIRST in the whole school! And she is in 5th grade and was also competing against the 6th graders! That school has close to 800 kids total and Aub was #1. Suh-weet.  I was shocked and thrilled! She called all of her grandparents after that to tell them of her good news :) She then advanced to the school district meet where she placed 2nd which qualified her for the Collin County Spelling Bee. The top 3 kids in our town advanced so it was awesome. We were so so proud of her! Lots of kids were congratulating her, her name was all over the school, treats were delivered from friends and teachers, her picture was in the local newspaper(front page!), she was famous! :) She smiled for two weeks straight I think. It was so fun and exciting! Okay, well, "fun" might not be a good word for the nights and nights of studying but hey, she(and I) learned a lot! It was bonding time:) Unfortunately at the county bee she didn't place, but we are so proud of her for all of her work. To make it that far is just plain amazing. Aubrey, you are one smart cookie! And she handled not placing with such grace. We were so proud of her. After the county bee, she chose the Olive Garden for dinner(YUM!) to celebrate. That helped lighten the blow :) We were so happy to have Joey's parents attend all the way from CC. It meant a lot to her yall! And our local friends, the Richey's and Wesely's attended as well. Her principal and her ELAR teacher came to the bees as well. It was great to have their love and support! It was a really cool experience. And hey, maybe next year she'll get the opportunity again! Here are pictures of Aubrey's "spelling journey"  :)

Pics from the school bee...Joey also videotaped every word for me which I appreciated so much! I still hate that I missed the moment of her winning but video is pretty dang close :)

1st place baby! She looks so beautiful and grown up in this shot...and happy :)

Aubrey and her principal, Mrs. Ferguson

Pics from the school district bee. 1st place went to an 8th grader, so she didn't feel bad about that :)

Aubrey afterwards with her sweet friend, Devyn (and awesome sport-she placed 3rd at the school bee so she didn't get to advance but she came to cheer Aubrey on at district. What an awesome friend!) and her ELAR teacher, Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson also gave her a giftcard to Target and a candy bar after everything was over to congratulate her. This teacher rocks.

The principal emailed me this photo of Aubrey with the superintendent. This was also the picture used in the newspaper under the title, RMS SPELLING CHAMP :)

2nd in district!

 Proud parents...

 Enjoying her Olive Garden reward after the county bee. Sadly I can't find the pics from the last bee and honestly we didn't take that many..but we do have this one of her enjoying her dinner! 

Monday, February 04, 2013

Don't tell Wesley...

..but when hes asleep, his big brother plays with his toys! :) The first picture made me laugh out loud after I took it. For Ammon to wave at me like that when he sees me with a camera isn't like him.  He usually doesn't want to cooperate for pictures lately. So the friendly little "Hello!" was unexpected and hilarious...especially with how he was sitting on the table like that. And then as you can see in the second picture, he combined toys and decided to campout and play the bongos on the bumbo. Hes creative for sure.