Monday, February 11, 2013

Aubrey aka Spelling Champ!

So Aubrey comes home one day and says very nonchalantly that she won her classroom spelling bee and gets to participate in the school-wide bee the next week. I was like, cool! It was a Friday morning so Joey had planned to go into work late to attend(since we were actually invited-our last school didn't even invite parents-lame) and I was going to go of course too. Well, the day came and Ella was very sick so I had to stay home :( I was SOOOO sad!! I told Joey to video and take pics for me and he called me right when it was over..unfortunately I was changing a diaper or something and I couldn't get to the phone. So by the time I called him back he was already on his way back to work. I asked him how it went and he told me she did good, better than she thought she would but that she wanted to tell me what place she got herself. I was like, what??! I want to know now! :)So I had to wait until about 4pm to find out. It killed me! I thought maybe she got 3rd or 4th(last year she made top ten, I can't remember what she got) So all day long I wondered...and when she got home, she looked all sad and told me she didn't do that great. I was like, what? I was confused..and hoping she was faking it..and thankfully she was because she then told me she placed FIRST in the whole school! And she is in 5th grade and was also competing against the 6th graders! That school has close to 800 kids total and Aub was #1. Suh-weet.  I was shocked and thrilled! She called all of her grandparents after that to tell them of her good news :) She then advanced to the school district meet where she placed 2nd which qualified her for the Collin County Spelling Bee. The top 3 kids in our town advanced so it was awesome. We were so so proud of her! Lots of kids were congratulating her, her name was all over the school, treats were delivered from friends and teachers, her picture was in the local newspaper(front page!), she was famous! :) She smiled for two weeks straight I think. It was so fun and exciting! Okay, well, "fun" might not be a good word for the nights and nights of studying but hey, she(and I) learned a lot! It was bonding time:) Unfortunately at the county bee she didn't place, but we are so proud of her for all of her work. To make it that far is just plain amazing. Aubrey, you are one smart cookie! And she handled not placing with such grace. We were so proud of her. After the county bee, she chose the Olive Garden for dinner(YUM!) to celebrate. That helped lighten the blow :) We were so happy to have Joey's parents attend all the way from CC. It meant a lot to her yall! And our local friends, the Richey's and Wesely's attended as well. Her principal and her ELAR teacher came to the bees as well. It was great to have their love and support! It was a really cool experience. And hey, maybe next year she'll get the opportunity again! Here are pictures of Aubrey's "spelling journey"  :)

Pics from the school bee...Joey also videotaped every word for me which I appreciated so much! I still hate that I missed the moment of her winning but video is pretty dang close :)

1st place baby! She looks so beautiful and grown up in this shot...and happy :)

Aubrey and her principal, Mrs. Ferguson

Pics from the school district bee. 1st place went to an 8th grader, so she didn't feel bad about that :)

Aubrey afterwards with her sweet friend, Devyn (and awesome sport-she placed 3rd at the school bee so she didn't get to advance but she came to cheer Aubrey on at district. What an awesome friend!) and her ELAR teacher, Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson also gave her a giftcard to Target and a candy bar after everything was over to congratulate her. This teacher rocks.

The principal emailed me this photo of Aubrey with the superintendent. This was also the picture used in the newspaper under the title, RMS SPELLING CHAMP :)

2nd in district!

 Proud parents...

 Enjoying her Olive Garden reward after the county bee. Sadly I can't find the pics from the last bee and honestly we didn't take that many..but we do have this one of her enjoying her dinner! 


Patty said...

We are so proud of her! She is indeed one smart girl. You guys are raising some amazing kiddos!!

Grammy Staffy said...

That is amazing. No wonder you are so proud of her. Tell her that I am proud of her too.
I saw pictures of your beautiful home you posted on facebook . Wow... it is lovely.
I think of you often. I miss your comments on my blog. I'm sending you hugs as always, Lura

Cynthia said...

We all feel like proud peacocks with our feathers out stretched with love for our Spelling Champ. So proud of you Aubrey and your great sportsmanship throughout the competition. You are a champ in our eyes always.

jOeY said...

WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU AUBREY!!!! i was like a peacock at your school when you won your bee. that was awesome!!!!! you taught me so much during the whole process of your bee competitions....more than you know. i love you aub!!!