Thursday, February 28, 2013


As you probably know, we LOVE Valentine's at this house! Its just so fun to have a special day to do extra nice things for each other and be all lovey dovey:) My kids always make each other and us the sweetest cards. We always go out as a family that evening and have dinner at Mac Grill. This year I looked around the table at dinner and thought, wow, we have five amazing kids. We sat there with all of them very well behaved(this isn't always the case yall, but their gift to us was acting like total angels that night!) we exchanged gifts(candy filled cups for the kids) and really enjoyed our time together. Joey and I were so lucky that his parents were in town just two days before Valentine's Day, so we got to go on a little lunch date just the two of us early. WOOHOO! Happy Valentine's to us! Dates these days don't really happen so it was wonderful. Wesley is just so little that I'm not comfortable leaving him with anyone other than family or adult friends. And I'm nursing. Two things that work against us. Oh, and I'm cheap. Haha. Let me just say I can't wait until Aubrey turns 12-built in babysitter baby! We'll be going on dates every Friday night. I'm counting anyways, he and I went to Gloria's and he was also a gem and bought me some expensive makeup. I'm not a makeup girl, but I had it in my head that I wanted some cool eye shadow:) So he got me Naked 2! Thats like real makeup people! Not the 3 dollar stuff I usually buy at Wallyworld. Its so sparkly!!! I wouldn't buy it for myself so I'm glad he did :) I am verrrry frugal and I really have a hard time buying myself anything. Anything nice, he has bought me :) Hes good to me. I got him what he wanted if you know what I mean...AND I really can't remember what else...something, I think...hmmm. Its bugging me right now that I can't remember! But I got him something cool. I know it. Cuz I'm a cool wife. That just can't remember what the cool thing was I got him. Dangit. Anyways, I hope YOU had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the people you love too!!!! xoxoXOXOxoxo

Here are some pics I took from the restaurant with the kiddos, a pic of Cali & Ella with their school loot(sad that this was the first year Aubrey didn't have the traditional "valentines party" at school! Sniff sniff..) and also pics from our heart shaped cookie decorating night with Nana & Tata earlier in the week. As you will see, Joey and his Dad had fun with the pink candy corns :) Scary crazy dudes. I laugh every time I look at the picture of Joe. Love him. :)


Cynthia said...

Hmmm I did post but somehow not here....yup those are the men in our lives.........gotta admit they haven't aged a day and just as handsome as ever...........gotta love them and hey Joe who is your dentist I need a referral.

jOeY said...

what a lovely picture of me and my dad. we sure are a crazy bunch. that was an awesome valentines day. :)

Tara D. said...

What a fun Valentine's! I got a kick out of those last two pictures too. They are so hilarious! :)