Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wesley is 7 months old

In the middle of the craziness of Joey's birthday, I didn't forget to snap a few pics of our little cutie!! 7 months old!! He has become a little scooter! So cute to see him bound and determined to get to something..and when he finally gets it, he look so proud :)  He has also has decided to love two of his fingers..not a constant thing...but when hes tired or cuddly especially, you might find him sucking on them(as pictured below:) He is so cute and so fun and so giggly. We love you sweet boy! Its so fun to watch you grow! But you can slow it down anytime you want...its going way too fast!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My sweet Grandma Adams

I have such a special Grandmother..okay, I know everyone feels that way about theirs, but for real. She is better than yours. :) She is such a gentle sweet soul..her love and service to her family is her quality that stands out most to me. In most recent years, health issues have made things tougher for her to do the things she is used to doing, but she still does all she can possibly do for our family. She comes to everything she can come to, even when its hard for her to walk. Even when she isn't feeling well. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and thankfully this year her tests are coming back cancer free-yea! She had a rough Sunday at church a few months ago where the ambulance had to come and pick her up when she started feeling bad and had a very confused feeling, didn't know where she was...turns out she had experienced a stroke and two heart attacks! And can you believe it...she is fine. Miraculous really. She still has a memory better than people half her age! She was alsos hospitalized early in the year with pneumonia. She has had it rough and we pray for her daily. But she is a survivor! And she just keeps going and keeps doing. No matter what, she perseveres and remains faithful. 
I just wanted to dedicate a post to her today as I was thinking about how much she means to me and my family. I'm so glad she is still here with us and that my kids are able to spend time with her every so often when we visit CC or when she comes up to the Dallas area. Recently she came up to visit and during that visit I was finally able to see some cemeteries that she had been wanting to show us, a cemetery with a family member..and then one where we know there should be family members there but we just can't find them. It was a really neat experience for me. We had a fun drive out there with my grandma, mom and the kids(and okay, we were kinda lost for a little bit, but I found my way!) :) One of the cemeteries doesn't have an we had to go off her memory and some makeshift directions I found online.  It was way the heck out in the middle of nowhere! We drove on a road that I found out later is the oldest road in Collin County. Anyways, the cemetery out there was really cool! And really old! The kids were very interested in finding names on tombstones and enjoyed it as well(which surprised me!) I don't think they'll ever forget that afternoon. My grandma looked happy watching us walk around. She had to sit in the car because she is just having such a hard time walking, but she looked happy to finally get to go there again. She had mentioned in a couple of times in the past. I just wish we had been able to find what she is searching for :(  We won't give up though. We had four generations of women there that day searching out our relatives. It was a neat feeling.  I had never really been to a cemetery for family history purposes and I have to say I loved it. My grandmother is amazing with family history work and I hope to be half as amazing at it as she is someday. She has done SO much work. I am just now realizing how much as I search through it all. And yall, I have the bug..I feel it :) I just need to learn..but I have a very strong desire to seek out my ancestors. And I think I got that bug from my Grandma :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Joey's Birthday Partay!

My man is now 36. He is now on the downhill to 40-yikes!! So old :) JK! I think with age hes just gotten that much more hot! Ow! Hot stuff baby.

So, the week of his birthday also happened to be Spring Break, which also happened to be a week where lots of my family was in town. One of my aunts(along with her family) who currently lives in Utah is moving to the DFW area(so I'll have two aunts nearby-sweeeet!) and she was checking out the area. So lots of other family also came up to see her and hang out. We invited them all over for the afternoon/evening of Joey's birthday for a bbq and cake/icecream. It was a really fun day! I told Joey that he has to take off work on his birthday and that he can spend the morning doing whatever he wants, so he always golfs bright and early :) So he did that...and then we had some lunch and took the kids to a nearby park since the weather was perfection. Then all of the fam arrived-lots of  cousins (well, they are officially second cousins I think, my cousins kids:) Ella and Jenna decorated for the party. Joey set up the zipline for all of them in the front. There was a football game going on in the backyard. Kids were shooting hoops in the big driveway. Kids played the Wii upstairs. Everything I envisioned our house becoming happened that day. Every bit of this acre was used! :) Kids were playing everywhere. We loved it. Felt like a holiday! Okay, it was:) When it came to party time in the evening we surprised Joey with an Avengers themed party complete with masks. The kids all hid under the table and when Joey walked out, they all jumped out with crazy masks on that I had bought a few days before. I had no idea when I bought these masks how hilarious they would be on the kids. Well, hilarious AND super freaky. You be the judge:) We laughed and laughed. Something about the hulk mask was a riot. And also gave me nightmares that might even get nightmares after looking at one of these pictures...I'm serious dude. Ammon didn't know what to think! hahaha. Anyways, we had a great day spending time with family and celebrating the best guy in the world. Joey, I love ya. More than anything in the world. I have said before and I'll say it again: I got to marry the BEST person I know. He truly is amazing. If you know him, you know hes da bomb. I'm a lucky lady to be his!! Happy 36th!!! XOXOxoxo

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sky Ranch!

This was Aubrey's BIG year-the trip shes been looking forward to since she started Elementary School: Sky Ranch Camp. Sky Ranch is an educational/outdoors/exploratory/hiking/whatever you want to call it place where lots of schools hold their 5th grade camps...churches use it in the summers for camps...its THE place for kids camps. Aubrey was so excited! She had also heard about a huge zipline that she was looking forward to(and nervous about, most mostly excited:) I was a little bit nervous about it-it would be her first time away from home! And she would be gone about 3 days! I couldn't chaperone unfortunately. Can't really do that with a nursing baby :( Luckily though, women from church were her chaperones, women that I trust, so I knew she was in good hands. We packed her bags and sent her off! It was so weird without her here. Our family just isn't complete without that amazing little lady. She was very missed! But we all knew she was having a blast and creating memories she'd hold dear forever. She came home happy, healthy and with lots of pics and stories to share. And yes, she did the crazy huge zipline :) I'm so glad she had a great time and was kept safe! And I'm also grateful for one of the chaperones, Heather, who kept me updated every so often with a picture or two. That was so great! Thanks Heather!
Ready to go!

Her cabin posse! Lots of LDS girls which I loved.

Aubrey & one of her friends, Reagan when I came to pick her up

Oh, and how could I not post this sweet note she left us the morning we dropped her off? Don'tcha just love the Eagles shoutout at the bottom? Hahaha. We haven't even lived here a year and my kids are already die-hard Eagles :)

Friday, March 08, 2013

Harlem Globetrotters Surprise with my Ella

When we heard the Globetrotters were coming to Dallas, we thought it'd be the perfect event to take Ella to. And it was :) We surprised her one Saturday evening...Joey told me I should take her(since he would be taking our oldest to another surprise in April....) and plus Ella and I needed some bonding time. She was very excited! She is our little bballer as you know :) We drove to the American Airlines center that night and enjoyed the silly antics and crazy hoopage of the Globetrotters. We bought sodas and I also bought her a souvenir basketball. She was so excited to have an official ball:) It was a fun mommy/daughter date that I won't forget! Love you Ella!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Zip Line in Our Front Yard Yo

One weekend, Ella told Joey she wanted to go and climb some trees. Ever since we moved in, the kids have been excited to have so many trees and hoped to climb them. Well, these trees aren't very "climby." The girls haven't really been successful:) Somehow while she was out there with Joey they came up with a different idea instead: lets make our own zipline. They did a makeshift one that day with whatever Joey found in the garage and we all had fun with it. The following week, however, Joey went to The Home Depot and bought some more gear. Then he created the coolest thing our neighborhood has ever seen! I mean check this thing out...and yes we strapped little Ammon into it too!

And of course, safety first :) Helmets on everyone! And if you look closely at Ella, she has a camera attached to her helmet(hence Aubrey's hilarious face and her pointing:). Its Joey's really rad Go Pro camera that took some awesome vid of their rides down!

Ella on her first ride. What I LOVED about this, was all the smiles and thumbs up from the cars that drove by. And just about every car that drove by slowed down to watch:) They either think we are cool or crazy.

We have the funniest videos of all the kids doing it. Lots of screams, squeals and giggles. There is one of Cali that is a riot but Blogger is too annoying with video uploads so I shared on FB with most of you:) We've had neighbor kids come over and even give it a whirl. One of the kids told Ella, "You have a cool Dad!" That made her smile. And she is right, Joey is pretty DANG cool. We've had so much fun with this over the winter/spring months! Joey is Super Dad.