Sunday, March 24, 2013

My sweet Grandma Adams

I have such a special Grandmother..okay, I know everyone feels that way about theirs, but for real. She is better than yours. :) She is such a gentle sweet soul..her love and service to her family is her quality that stands out most to me. In most recent years, health issues have made things tougher for her to do the things she is used to doing, but she still does all she can possibly do for our family. She comes to everything she can come to, even when its hard for her to walk. Even when she isn't feeling well. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and thankfully this year her tests are coming back cancer free-yea! She had a rough Sunday at church a few months ago where the ambulance had to come and pick her up when she started feeling bad and had a very confused feeling, didn't know where she was...turns out she had experienced a stroke and two heart attacks! And can you believe it...she is fine. Miraculous really. She still has a memory better than people half her age! She was alsos hospitalized early in the year with pneumonia. She has had it rough and we pray for her daily. But she is a survivor! And she just keeps going and keeps doing. No matter what, she perseveres and remains faithful. 
I just wanted to dedicate a post to her today as I was thinking about how much she means to me and my family. I'm so glad she is still here with us and that my kids are able to spend time with her every so often when we visit CC or when she comes up to the Dallas area. Recently she came up to visit and during that visit I was finally able to see some cemeteries that she had been wanting to show us, a cemetery with a family member..and then one where we know there should be family members there but we just can't find them. It was a really neat experience for me. We had a fun drive out there with my grandma, mom and the kids(and okay, we were kinda lost for a little bit, but I found my way!) :) One of the cemeteries doesn't have an we had to go off her memory and some makeshift directions I found online.  It was way the heck out in the middle of nowhere! We drove on a road that I found out later is the oldest road in Collin County. Anyways, the cemetery out there was really cool! And really old! The kids were very interested in finding names on tombstones and enjoyed it as well(which surprised me!) I don't think they'll ever forget that afternoon. My grandma looked happy watching us walk around. She had to sit in the car because she is just having such a hard time walking, but she looked happy to finally get to go there again. She had mentioned in a couple of times in the past. I just wish we had been able to find what she is searching for :(  We won't give up though. We had four generations of women there that day searching out our relatives. It was a neat feeling.  I had never really been to a cemetery for family history purposes and I have to say I loved it. My grandmother is amazing with family history work and I hope to be half as amazing at it as she is someday. She has done SO much work. I am just now realizing how much as I search through it all. And yall, I have the bug..I feel it :) I just need to learn..but I have a very strong desire to seek out my ancestors. And I think I got that bug from my Grandma :)

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Tara D. said...

She is a pretty awesome woman! :-)