Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sky Ranch!

This was Aubrey's BIG year-the trip shes been looking forward to since she started Elementary School: Sky Ranch Camp. Sky Ranch is an educational/outdoors/exploratory/hiking/whatever you want to call it place where lots of schools hold their 5th grade camps...churches use it in the summers for camps...its THE place for kids camps. Aubrey was so excited! She had also heard about a huge zipline that she was looking forward to(and nervous about, most mostly excited:) I was a little bit nervous about it-it would be her first time away from home! And she would be gone about 3 days! I couldn't chaperone unfortunately. Can't really do that with a nursing baby :( Luckily though, women from church were her chaperones, women that I trust, so I knew she was in good hands. We packed her bags and sent her off! It was so weird without her here. Our family just isn't complete without that amazing little lady. She was very missed! But we all knew she was having a blast and creating memories she'd hold dear forever. She came home happy, healthy and with lots of pics and stories to share. And yes, she did the crazy huge zipline :) I'm so glad she had a great time and was kept safe! And I'm also grateful for one of the chaperones, Heather, who kept me updated every so often with a picture or two. That was so great! Thanks Heather!
Ready to go!

Her cabin posse! Lots of LDS girls which I loved.

Aubrey & one of her friends, Reagan when I came to pick her up

Oh, and how could I not post this sweet note she left us the morning we dropped her off? Don'tcha just love the Eagles shoutout at the bottom? Hahaha. We haven't even lived here a year and my kids are already die-hard Eagles :)


jOeY said...

it's crazy how time goes so quickly. I can't believe she has already done her big camp trip.

Tara D. said...

I love that little note of hers. Very sweet. Glad she had a blast!