Saturday, March 02, 2013

Zip Line in Our Front Yard Yo

One weekend, Ella told Joey she wanted to go and climb some trees. Ever since we moved in, the kids have been excited to have so many trees and hoped to climb them. Well, these trees aren't very "climby." The girls haven't really been successful:) Somehow while she was out there with Joey they came up with a different idea instead: lets make our own zipline. They did a makeshift one that day with whatever Joey found in the garage and we all had fun with it. The following week, however, Joey went to The Home Depot and bought some more gear. Then he created the coolest thing our neighborhood has ever seen! I mean check this thing out...and yes we strapped little Ammon into it too!

And of course, safety first :) Helmets on everyone! And if you look closely at Ella, she has a camera attached to her helmet(hence Aubrey's hilarious face and her pointing:). Its Joey's really rad Go Pro camera that took some awesome vid of their rides down!

Ella on her first ride. What I LOVED about this, was all the smiles and thumbs up from the cars that drove by. And just about every car that drove by slowed down to watch:) They either think we are cool or crazy.

We have the funniest videos of all the kids doing it. Lots of screams, squeals and giggles. There is one of Cali that is a riot but Blogger is too annoying with video uploads so I shared on FB with most of you:) We've had neighbor kids come over and even give it a whirl. One of the kids told Ella, "You have a cool Dad!" That made her smile. And she is right, Joey is pretty DANG cool. We've had so much fun with this over the winter/spring months! Joey is Super Dad.


jOeY said...

that was so much fun building and sending them down. i think they'll remember doing that as a kid when they grow up. i know i wouldnt forget that if i were them.

Tara D. said...

That is sooooo cool; they definitely have a cool dad. :) I bet your yard is the envy of the whole neighborhood.