Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cali's Kindergarten Music Program

We got Cali all dolled up in her prettiest Spring attire for the annual Kindergarten program. The kids sang the cutest songs about raindrops and flowers :) I loved all the hand motions and smiles. Aren't 5 and 6 year olds the cutest to watch? Loved it. She did such a fabulous job. She wasn't shy at all up there. You never know with Cali..sometimes she is selectively shy..sometimes she has no inhibitions whatsoever. Actually, shes like a box of chocolates. You never know what yer gonna get :) Hahahaha. I'm so funny. :) Afterwards we went home and had dinner...she then asked, "So where are we going to go to celebrate my program?" Uh. We hadn't really thought that through...Aubrey had volleyball practice and I was planning on attending a baby shower.  Things were so busy that night! But she knows our family. She knows we celebrate everything and try our best to make things special for them. And she was making sure we celebrated her accomplishment! So we headed out to Cherry Berry for some froyo. It was a good night :) And I'm glad I skipped the baby shower for my little girl. It was definitely not as important. I'm glad she reminded us that our family likes to celebrate and party!(and treats are always part of that:) It warmed my heart to know that they know that they are special to us and deserve that celebration.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aubrey is Pocahontas

And don't she look cute??! This was her historical figure to represent one evening at school. She recited several lines of her bio and had a sticker "button" on her hand that people would push when they walked by(that would of course "activate" her recitation:) It was fun going around and seeing and hearing all the kids as their historical figure. And of course I'm biased, but Aubrey was the cutest :) And this is also a sneak peek of her Halloween costume:) I'm cheap. I ordered this costume for this thing with the contingency that it get lots of use!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Buh- bye forest green

One of the things I hated most about our house when we bought it was the kitchen countertops and backsplash. Green is my favorite color. But not on countertops! And not speckled forest green. And not squares of it all over my backsplash. What are we living in here, the 80's? And this house isn't even that old. I think it was built in 2001(which is the same age as our last house but that one was so much more updated looking. Honestly I just think it was older people that built this home, not a young couple like our last house...different tastes..that I guess I'm mean to say that I hate! :) Aye. Not sure what these people were thinking...there is also wallpaper. Blech. Cowboy wallpaper upstairs in the bathroom. Cowboys boots! I love Texas, but you gotta have boundaries...anyways, I digress:) Joey promised me that we would redo the countertops/backsplash at some point but I was so excited when we realized we could do it sooner than we thought(I think we are good at saving! And Joey got some good bonuses and a great tax return too!) So we shopped around and got some bids. We then selected a place called Stonecutters(Best price for sure! And we are very happy with our experience with this company.) We spent weeks looking at different samples/slabs of granite/backsplashes with all five kids in tow. Fun. What a process! And when it was all said and done, WOW. It looks amazing. I am so happy with our choices. It was hard choosing! We were back and forth sometimes-we did not want to mess this up. But we made our choices and I now looove being in my kitchen now! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out..the before and afters...we also got a new gas cooktop and sink/faucet. Now all we need are some updated appliances in there..and new kitchen floors(there's always something when you buy a preowned home:) Its fun making this place ours!





 After(ok, not the same angle, but close enough:)



Old sink and faucet (wish I had taken a closeup)

New sink and faucet

 And just some more shots of the new look. I'm in love. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

8 month old happy boy

As you can see from these pics, this boy is SILLY. Definitely my kid :) This photo shoot made me laugh and laugh, he just couldn't stop squealing and opening his little mouth as wide as he possibly could. He was so happy! He totally loves the camera, hahaha. And he totally loved the paper too as you will see in the last sequence of pics. I knew I didn't have much longer where he would actually sit still for pics and not try to eat the little month paper I made:)

So whats new with Wesley? Crawling! He is our little army crawler and is getting pretty speedy. Look out world. He is also trying to talk a little bit and making lots more noise. He is still obviously a happy little guy. He is great during the day and takes his naps splendidly. Still working on nights..lets just say this Mama is tired. And he still doesn't want food, only me. Mama's boy I guess! I guess I don't mind :) Ok, I do. Go to sleep and eat some food boy:)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wesley & Daddy

On Easter, I had to snap a few pics of Joey and his baby boy when I saw them sitting together...Wes just looked way too handsome and sweet! Oh, and Joey looked studly too of course :)

This one is my favorite...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Easter Best and Our New Easter Tradition

Here are our kids in their Easter best. They looked so adorable! It was so hard to get them all to look straight and smile but we did snag a couple right after church...

And we got crazy and tried to do one ourselves of all of us. Its ah-ight. 

Later in the day, we went with one of my good friends, Emily, and her family to a nursing home to deliver flowers and wish the elderly there a happy Easter. What a neat experience! Its something Emily started doing a year or two ago and invited us to go along this year(thanks Emily!) My kids have never done something like this and I had always wanted them to. I have fond memories of doing this when I was a kid at Christmas time through the youth program at church. I'm SO glad our family was able to do this together. We had some special times there that day. My favorite was this lady who asked us to sing her a song...we all looked at each other and were like, ok? So, I had the thought, well, the kids just sang an Easter song in church today, I Wonder When He Comes Again. Lets do that one. We all knew it and when we started singing, it was such a sweet feeling. I felt the Spirit strong. She was smiling and conducting with her hands:) Back in the day she was a pianist and I believe a chorister. She loves music and it was so sweet to see her so happy. She asked us what church we go to and we got to talk about the church a little bit even. So it was also a missionary experience! :) She then told us she had a sister down the hall that would also like us to sing. And sure enough, we got to do it again :) We brought lots of smiles that day. They loved our kiddos :) What a neat thing to do on Easter Day. I felt like we were doing something the Savior would be doing if He was on the Earth, visiting the sick and lonely. I hope we can do this every year! Thanks again Emily for letting us tag along with you and for sharing your wonderful idea with us. The girls said several times how that was their favorite part of the day. Isn't that true? When you are serving others, it truly does bring you joy.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter was a "splash" this year...

I don't think the Easter Bunny checked the weather forecast before he came to our house(or maybe he would've hid the eggs inside!) because as soon as the kids woke up at 7am, a crack of thunder hit and it started to DUMP rain. And I mean dump it. We have 9am church this year and weren't sure how to play it.The kids ran around inside to find the baskets that the Easter Bunny hid and then we had breakfast. They loved what the Easter Bunny brought them, candy, books, and other fun things. By the time we were done eating, the rain had stopped. So we had a choice. Hunt now. Or hunt when we got home from church around 12:30pm. And what do you think the kids wanted to do? Of course they didn't want to wait. So we let them brave the cold and wetness(and we also didn't want the candy inside some of the eggs to get ruined/soggy). It was very COLD and very WET! The kids threw coats on top of their pjs with water shoes and rain boots. They got soaked and so dirty! Ammon loved it though. After awhile he was just running through the puddles like there was no tomorrow laughing and laughing. He was probably so numb he didn't even care anymore! I don't know how we made it to church, dressed and clean "looking"(lol) before sacrament was passed that day...but we did. It was an Easter miracle :) We had always envisioned a great Easter egg hunt at this house and unfortunately our first Easter here was like hunting in little lakes..icy cold ones too:) I don't think the kids will forget this Easter morning! It all worked out though..and it was a wonderful day. And I think "Fesley's"(Ammon is now calling him this and its so hilarious) first Easter was a good one. He loves his new touch and feel book :)

So grateful for this family and the love we share. Making memories with and for our kids is the best experience ever. I love being a Mom and wife. Its a wonderful job! Trying at times, but the best job ever. I'm grateful for our Savior who made it possible for me to KNOW that I will be with these special people forever...thanks to His sacrifice for us. I really thought about this on Easter Day. I can't imagine not knowing this!

After our cold wet morning, we went to church and enjoyed a wonderful Easter program and then came home for a yummy ham dinner together. Later that day, we also visited a nursing home with friends of ours to spread Easter love(next post) to those that needed it. The sun was shining by then and it ended up being a beautiful day!

 Ready to partay