Wednesday, April 24, 2013

8 month old happy boy

As you can see from these pics, this boy is SILLY. Definitely my kid :) This photo shoot made me laugh and laugh, he just couldn't stop squealing and opening his little mouth as wide as he possibly could. He was so happy! He totally loves the camera, hahaha. And he totally loved the paper too as you will see in the last sequence of pics. I knew I didn't have much longer where he would actually sit still for pics and not try to eat the little month paper I made:)

So whats new with Wesley? Crawling! He is our little army crawler and is getting pretty speedy. Look out world. He is also trying to talk a little bit and making lots more noise. He is still obviously a happy little guy. He is great during the day and takes his naps splendidly. Still working on nights..lets just say this Mama is tired. And he still doesn't want food, only me. Mama's boy I guess! I guess I don't mind :) Ok, I do. Go to sleep and eat some food boy:)


Patty said...

What a happy baby! Sure love that little guy!!

Tara D. said...

Smiley #2! Gotta love him!!! :)