Monday, April 08, 2013

Cali's 6th Birthday and a new addition to the family

 No, I'm not pregnant :) Its a new pet...but I'll get to that later in the post.

Cali is 6! Such a big girl now...and approaching the end of Kindergarten...crazy! She is growing into such a beautiful young lady. And spunky too:) Never a dull moment with Cali girl. We had lots of fun celebrating her special day this year. Cali has been talking about her birthday, well, since immediately after her birthday party last year:) That's how she rolls. Her birthday is a big deal to her! She is already talking to me about her plans for her 7th. She cracks me up. Anyways, her actual birthday fell on a weeknight so that evening I baked her a Rapunzel cake(Can you believe I actually did something creative? And no, it wasn't all my idea..I did get a couple of ideas from a website...but I made it my own! :) I think it turned out cute! And when Cali came out to see the surprise cake she definitely loved it. All three girls(and boys:) thought it was magical, so mission accomplished! We watched her blow out the candles(which she also immediately tried to grab and lick frosting off of and then kinda burned herself..oops..guess she won't do that again! Hahaha. We had told her, no, not yet! But she didn't listen...she was fine:) She then opened lots of presents from us, her grandparents and aunts/uncles. Lots of great stuff! After all the presents were opened, she opened one last one from us which was a glass bowl. We told her we thought it'd be nice to put flowers in. She looked at us like, Okaaaay :) We then surprised her with her very own Beta Fish. To give you a little history: she has been begging for a fish to call her own for over a year now. She loves animals. I didn't think she was ready last year and I wasn't sure about this year(and honestly I'm typing this weeks later and she has already gotten him taken away once for 1. taking her out of the bowl 2. adding water to the bowl almost overflowing it and brace yourself for #3. drinking the water out of the yeah maybe it wasn't a good call! She did all three of those within ten minutes when she had a friend over. Aye. Cali does make for interesting stories! Gotta love her:), but we decided what the heck. Lets give it a try. As you can see in the pics, she was SO excited and happy. And as you can see Ammon wasn't very happy that he couldn't just pick it up and hold it...but then he calmed down and enjoyed watching "Crystal"(Cali named her!) swim. Crystal is a pink female Beta, very different than the typical ones you see. She has a little bit of blue too-very pretty little fish. It looked totally Cali to me when I saw her at the pet store:) Shes all about pink! (the fish looks green in the pics because of the flash I think)

Welcome Crystal to our family! Here's to hoping you survive awhile under Cali's care! :) Hopefully she won't eat you.

We love you Cali and are so glad you had a great day. It was fun surprising you with a fishy! Next post will be a recap of her choice of a fun birthday activity: Amazing Jakes. And this time, I got to go!!!!


jOeY said...

Happy birthday cali girl!!!!! we love you so much. i was excited to finally give you a little fish. Please don't decide to have sushi one day ok! :)

Tara D. said...

I LOVE the cake, sooooo cute. When she was blowing out the candles, I wondered if the stack of donuts was going to come down with it. ;) So glad she had an awesome party! The pic with Ammon crying is priceless, poor guy, but at least he recovered quickly. LOL
And...I almost vomited when I read the third reason she had her fish taken away. Ewie!

hoLLy said...

sick, right?