Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cali's AMAZING day!

Cali's choice for her "fun" birthday activity was Amazing Jakes. I was so glad she picked it since I had to miss out on Aubrey's birthday. It really is an awesome place! So much to do and a pretty mean pizza buffet. Cali was in the best mood that morning and had so much fun. I loved to see her so happy skipping everywhere we went :) We got there right when it opened and there were no was perfect! Definitely got our money's worth. Ammon was even old enough to enjoy a few rides too. Cali's first choice and favorite ride there is the bumper cars. She laughed and laughed the whole time. I went on it too...and maybe I shouldn't have(Am I getting old or something?) It about bumped my brain outta my head. Not even kidding. The buffet was pretty good. I loved that they had chocolate chip cookies. I love love love chocolate chip cookies. To be able to just go and grab a cookie whenever I wanted...well...that was just bliss to me. And as you can see from one of the pics below, it was bliss for Ammon too...:) Happy 6th Birthday to our sweet silly beautiful girl with the golden curls Cali! It was so fun having fun with you on your big day that you had been planning for 364 days!

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Emily said...

Holly Cali has grown up so much and she is a beautiful girl....
Hopefully her and brooke will have some time to play this summer