Saturday, April 20, 2013

Easter Best and Our New Easter Tradition

Here are our kids in their Easter best. They looked so adorable! It was so hard to get them all to look straight and smile but we did snag a couple right after church...

And we got crazy and tried to do one ourselves of all of us. Its ah-ight. 

Later in the day, we went with one of my good friends, Emily, and her family to a nursing home to deliver flowers and wish the elderly there a happy Easter. What a neat experience! Its something Emily started doing a year or two ago and invited us to go along this year(thanks Emily!) My kids have never done something like this and I had always wanted them to. I have fond memories of doing this when I was a kid at Christmas time through the youth program at church. I'm SO glad our family was able to do this together. We had some special times there that day. My favorite was this lady who asked us to sing her a song...we all looked at each other and were like, ok? So, I had the thought, well, the kids just sang an Easter song in church today, I Wonder When He Comes Again. Lets do that one. We all knew it and when we started singing, it was such a sweet feeling. I felt the Spirit strong. She was smiling and conducting with her hands:) Back in the day she was a pianist and I believe a chorister. She loves music and it was so sweet to see her so happy. She asked us what church we go to and we got to talk about the church a little bit even. So it was also a missionary experience! :) She then told us she had a sister down the hall that would also like us to sing. And sure enough, we got to do it again :) We brought lots of smiles that day. They loved our kiddos :) What a neat thing to do on Easter Day. I felt like we were doing something the Savior would be doing if He was on the Earth, visiting the sick and lonely. I hope we can do this every year! Thanks again Emily for letting us tag along with you and for sharing your wonderful idea with us. The girls said several times how that was their favorite part of the day. Isn't that true? When you are serving others, it truly does bring you joy.


Emily said...

We have to do it next year again! :) I really look forward to it already!

LeAnne said...

Sweet family!