Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter was a "splash" this year...

I don't think the Easter Bunny checked the weather forecast before he came to our house(or maybe he would've hid the eggs inside!) because as soon as the kids woke up at 7am, a crack of thunder hit and it started to DUMP rain. And I mean dump it. We have 9am church this year and weren't sure how to play it.The kids ran around inside to find the baskets that the Easter Bunny hid and then we had breakfast. They loved what the Easter Bunny brought them, candy, books, and other fun things. By the time we were done eating, the rain had stopped. So we had a choice. Hunt now. Or hunt when we got home from church around 12:30pm. And what do you think the kids wanted to do? Of course they didn't want to wait. So we let them brave the cold and wetness(and we also didn't want the candy inside some of the eggs to get ruined/soggy). It was very COLD and very WET! The kids threw coats on top of their pjs with water shoes and rain boots. They got soaked and so dirty! Ammon loved it though. After awhile he was just running through the puddles like there was no tomorrow laughing and laughing. He was probably so numb he didn't even care anymore! I don't know how we made it to church, dressed and clean "looking"(lol) before sacrament was passed that day...but we did. It was an Easter miracle :) We had always envisioned a great Easter egg hunt at this house and unfortunately our first Easter here was like hunting in little lakes..icy cold ones too:) I don't think the kids will forget this Easter morning! It all worked out though..and it was a wonderful day. And I think "Fesley's"(Ammon is now calling him this and its so hilarious) first Easter was a good one. He loves his new touch and feel book :)

So grateful for this family and the love we share. Making memories with and for our kids is the best experience ever. I love being a Mom and wife. Its a wonderful job! Trying at times, but the best job ever. I'm grateful for our Savior who made it possible for me to KNOW that I will be with these special people forever...thanks to His sacrifice for us. I really thought about this on Easter Day. I can't imagine not knowing this!

After our cold wet morning, we went to church and enjoyed a wonderful Easter program and then came home for a yummy ham dinner together. Later that day, we also visited a nursing home with friends of ours to spread Easter love(next post) to those that needed it. The sun was shining by then and it ended up being a beautiful day!

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jOeY said...

Kind of a bummer but we'll never forget this years hunt. love our easter traditions...especially your FHE about the Savior.