Friday, May 31, 2013

I made my own guacamole...

..and it was DANG good.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Go Camping Daddy Lotta Day!"

Thats what Ammon has been saying with a smile and fond recollection ever since he went on a Father/Son Campout with Joey. He had so much fun!

So, Joey has waited YEARS to have a son to attend this happy we got our boy..and then another! :) He'll have years and years of campouts now:) The day of the campout Joey spent lots of time getting everything ready..packed lots of stuff and got the tent out and ready to go..loaded up the car..packed some snacks and rain gear(as the forecast showed it would possibly rain) and headed out. Ammon was ready to go! Even though he had no idea what they were doing really :) He was also just really excited to get to ride in Daddy's car which was a first for him:)  I was nervous when I saw the forecast show storms. It was the first time for me to be away from my Ammon overnight and I kept picturing the lightning and their little tent out in the wind. I'll admit to telling Joey I thought he should come home around 10pm when the storms were wailing on our house(which isn't that far away from the campsite) I asked him if his tent was waterproof and he assured me it was(but I found out later it leaked and Joey ended up carrying Ammon and they slept in the car for part of the night-haha:) But Joey wanted to be a man. And they stayed through the storms....despite a paranoid mama:) I had to just trust him. Which was hard :) Joey said Ammon just had a blast. Even when it was storming and the thunder was loud, he wasn't scared.  However, when they woke up in the morning the first thing Ammon said to Joey was, "Lotta rain!!!" I'm so happy they were able to go and have this "male bonding" time :) They hiked around, ate snacks, roasted smores, had breakfast with the others the next morning and had fun just being outdoors enjoying nature together. And weeks later, Ammon still talks about camping with his Daddy. So grateful to have married a man that loves to spend time with his kids and build memories that will last forever. He's an amazing guy.

Ready to roll!

 Just goofin off :)

 Hiking with Daddy

I think he liked that stick

 There is something precious about this shot. Love this little boy.

 The rest of the dads/boys at the campsite.

 After they survived the night :) Hes got that cute sleepy, "I conquered the storm!" smile.

 Enjoying his drink. This boy likes to drink stuff.

Silly kid.
Had to add this after I posted originally: Ammon came into the office just now and saw my post. His eyes got big and said, "Ohhhhh...camping Daddy! Aw so cute." LOL

Monday, May 27, 2013

Two peas in a pod

These two have been the end of me lately.

But they are pretty dang cute. Which saves them some days... ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy 9 months Wesley boy

We have entered the "I'm COMPLETELY mobile!" stage:) This boy is speed crawling all over the place. He even pulled up to standing the day before his 9 month birthday. Its such a fun time to see him discovering new things every single day! Life is definitely changing.We are having to have the gate up by the stairs now(he has decided to scale them now..caught him up on the second step the other day--oopsie:) The girls are constantly being told to close their doors or he will get in there and try and play with their Lalaloopsy dolls and Barbies:) Its so funny...when he sees me coming, he starts crawling as fast as his little knees will take him to get to their room as fast as he can while the door is still open. Its like he knows hes not supposed to be there! Its his favorite place right now:) That and the laundry room...I have caught him in there by the dog food/water bowls. He loves to dump out the water and throw the food everywhere. Its super awesome. :) He is still our smiley happy kid, even when he is sick(Pics below are not the best! He was sick. And it was cloudy outside so the lighting stunk so they are either too dark or I had to use the flash so they are too bright. Oh well, I tried! Hes cute no matter the quality of the picture:) And I swear he already has a sense of humor. Its like he tries to be funny. Already. I think he's gonna be a little jokester/prankster like his Daddy.

 Had to give him the camera lens cap to keep him still in the next few. He kept wanting to do a nose dive off the bed :) Or bend the paper in half. These photo shoots are getting harder with this crawling-I'm-not-gonna-stay-still baby!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ella & Cali's Field Day!

I love attending the kids field days! Nothing beats watching the kids get water dumped on their heads..tug o wars where kids are flopping all over each other and hula hooping like maniacs and races where half the kids aren't paying attention and picking flowers:) Okay, maybe that was just Cali...hahaha.

I LOVE this picture. Cali is running her heart out while her teacher is cheering her on! Love her teacher. 

Cali and her favorite classmate, Mia.

Here is one of the reasons why I love her teacher. She is just so fun. One of the P.E. coaches(the dude in pink) came and dumped water all over her. Like soaked her. She told me later that she told him to do it just so the kids would laugh and get a kick out of it. I thought that was so cute. However, she didn't realize he would pour quite as much as he did. And that was the shock:) Haha. I heard him tell her off to the side, "You told me to!" And she said, "Well, I didn't think you'd pour that much on me!" I guess he just went for it. Ha!!

This picture is HILARIOUS. Cali was hugging a friend in line during the races and I guess the friend said something funny to which Cali responded with a huge laugh and leaned back. If you can zoom in on the pic, you can get a better look but it just looks so funny.This picture captures the essence that is Cali :) Goofin off...:)

 Her cute little class taking a break.

Here is Ella's class doing the wet sponge relay. They lost. Poor class lost every game! I was talking to her teacher and she was telling me how her class is the smallest(stature wise:)..smallest class size...and also just not competitive. And she was right. The other classes were hard core! And Ella's class was totally chill. They are just a more laid back group. And a more quiet group too:) They were so sweet. But darn, I felt bad that they didn't win any games! :(

Ella and some of the cute girls from her class.

 Ella and her bestie, Caitlyn. Love these girls!

 Tug O War. And you guessed it, they lost :) I told Ella well its not about winning, its about having fun. Well then she said it wasn't really fun not winning. Tis true...tis true.

 I think Ella's favorite part of the day was showing off her brothers:) Lots of little girls were oohing and ahhing over them. They didn't mind at all. :) They were the center of attention!

It was a fun day that I was glad I was able to be a part of! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day!

I'm a lucky lady. Not only do I have wonderful children that love me, but I have a husband that makes sure I feel special always. He got everyone up early on Sunday morning(and we have 9am church too) and prepared a delicious chocolate chip muffin breakfast with the kids for me to enjoy in bed. And on top of that, got all the kids ready(mostly:) We were only a little bit late that day-hahaha. I received wonderful cards, handmade "coupons,"  massages, relaxation, and lots of love. And Joey even took pics for me that morning so I could see them in action. 

Aubrey was the egg cooker.

 Cali was the official cupcake wrapper distributor I see.

My little workers. I'm thinking Joey must've been standing on the counter to get this shot? Or is this your view always? If so, wow. Cool.

Professional batter stirrer.

My lovely breakfast.

I always hesitate before I post the Mother's Day breakfast in bed pic, but oh well, its me y'all. Straight up. Natural. I can deal.

And of course I enjoyed all the gifts. The cards especially. I loved reading the things the kids wrote for me. Ella wrote poems and one of them had a line that said something like, "My mom loves us and wants us to be happy."(I love that she knows that is my goal! That makes me happy:) And also, "My mom dreams of a forest backyard." Haha. Love it. Shes right. I do love trees:) Oh, and see that bundt cake tower below? Can you believe it.. I shared. Crazy, I know.

I'm still using for lots of helpful chores! The best. Thanks everyone! xoxo

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ammon & Daddy

After church, I had another boyz only photo shoot..this time with Ammon and Joey. Brace yourself for some of the cutest pictures. Ever.