Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day!

I'm a lucky lady. Not only do I have wonderful children that love me, but I have a husband that makes sure I feel special always. He got everyone up early on Sunday morning(and we have 9am church too) and prepared a delicious chocolate chip muffin breakfast with the kids for me to enjoy in bed. And on top of that, got all the kids ready(mostly:) We were only a little bit late that day-hahaha. I received wonderful cards, handmade "coupons,"  massages, relaxation, and lots of love. And Joey even took pics for me that morning so I could see them in action. 

Aubrey was the egg cooker.

 Cali was the official cupcake wrapper distributor I see.

My little workers. I'm thinking Joey must've been standing on the counter to get this shot? Or is this your view always? If so, wow. Cool.

Professional batter stirrer.

My lovely breakfast.

I always hesitate before I post the Mother's Day breakfast in bed pic, but oh well, its me y'all. Straight up. Natural. I can deal.

And of course I enjoyed all the gifts. The cards especially. I loved reading the things the kids wrote for me. Ella wrote poems and one of them had a line that said something like, "My mom loves us and wants us to be happy."(I love that she knows that is my goal! That makes me happy:) And also, "My mom dreams of a forest backyard." Haha. Love it. Shes right. I do love trees:) Oh, and see that bundt cake tower below? Can you believe it.. I shared. Crazy, I know.

I'm still using for lots of helpful chores! The best. Thanks everyone! xoxo


jOeY said...

I LOVE COUPONS! Sorry we were late that day. Hope you had a great Mothers day this year!

Tara D. said...

Such great kiddos and husband you have! Happy belated Mother's Day to one of the best out there!