Monday, April 15, 2013

Proud of Miss Ella

Ella has had quite the accomplishments this school year! We are so very proud of her. In the month of December, she was chosen as a recipient of the REACH award. It stands for Respect, Encourage, Appreciate, Communicate and Honor. One child per class each month is chosen as someone that shows those characteristics and is an example and leader to the class. We received a phone call from the assistant principal with Ella on the line(at first I was like, what? Is she in trouble?? Of course I really knew she couldn't be. Ella is just too sweet :) The asst. principal had her tell me that she had received this award and invited us to the monthly award ceremony. She got to sign the "reach winners" book and has had her picture in the hall all year since. They also sent a card in the mail. I LOVED how much of a big deal this school made it for her. They really focus on awarding good behavior and good grades here and I am so happy. It really gives kids incentives to work hard. Our last school didn't do that. Like barely. There wasn't even an honor roll there! At this school, kids are given A's and B's and they send home awards and take pictures of the honor roll kids and post them on their website and everything. Its awesome.
Another amazing accomplishment of Ella's is she completed the "40 book challenge." All the kids were given a challenge to read 40 books this year. She was the only kid in the class to accomplish this! Her teacher(who is a total rockstar-LOVE this lady!) made it extra special. On her own dime, she ordered a pizza for Ella and a friend of her choice(which was her BFF, Caitlyn) and let them eat a special lunch together. She also asked Ella what her favorite candy was and bought her a bag of it. Ella has really taken off with reading this year and it has become a love of hers. She reads so much! Ella comes home so happy these days! Its been a really great year for her overall. Prayers were definitely answered when we moved here. Last year was a rough year for her. There were some really mean kids in her class/grade. She really didn't have a strong connection with any of the girls. Her teacher had a baby and so half the year she had a sub, who was just okay. Just not a solid year. But now she is excelling and so much happier. She has a "BFF" now which she never had before-yea! Caitlyn is a wonderful friend and a sweetheart! And her teacher not only has been there all year long, but is an amazingly sweet and gentle woman. Perfect personality for Ella. Every summer I pray for my kids to get teachers that are just right for them. I prayed extra hard this summer and all of my kids got the best teachers they could've possibly gotten. I'm so grateful...  I love to see Ella's big smile and this year I've seen way more of it! She has been on the A Honor Roll almost every 9 weeks too! I'm so happy she is happier and I'm so proud of her hard work!

Ella's REACH card we received in the mail(also the picture that is in the halls at school) Such a cutie.

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