Monday, May 06, 2013

Visit to Uncle Kenny's!

My kids get so excited when they find out we get to go to my uncle's family's house :) We try to go at least every other year to the golf tournament they hold in honor of my cousin, Kyle. We wish we could go every year and would if we could..but we usually have just had a baby...or we're moving..or we are going on a big trip to CA or somewhere big we've planned so our extra money is going to that. So its a minimum of every other at least! But I'm hoping this coming year we still can:) Its just so fun and I love being part of it. Its like a family reunion.

So this year was one of those years...and my kids were counting down the days:) My Uncle Kenny and Aunt Karen(and my sweet cousin Kellye:) have a beautiful home and gorgeous land(I believe two acres!) and pool/patio. They heat the pool for this event and its perfection. Its so fun to be there with everyone! Joey and the men golf while the women and kids hangout poolside. And this year was the first year we were able to see their new chicken/hen farm. So neat! The kids all had a blast with their cousins and I loved catching up with mine. Thanks y'all for a wonderful weekend!!

Ammon chillin at the hotel with his new Jake and the Neverland Pirates towel(I think he was confused and used it as a blanket:)

Poolside fun with everyone!! Wesley had lots of Grandmas to cuddle:) And the kids had lots of fun swimming!

 And of course I have to include this one: my sister, the photobomber. 

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Tara D. said...

:) Love hanging out with the fam, especially at Kenny's. It's just so wonderful! Thanks Kenny and fam for a wonderful weekend!!!