Thursday, May 02, 2013

WICKED! Aubrey's first broadway show

Joey and I decided not too long ago that it would be really neat to start a new tradition for the kids. Around the age of 10-12 or so(depending I guess on the kid..and their interest in these kinds of things), they would get to go on a "date" with one of us to their first broadway show. And it would be a big surprise. So we saw that Wicked(which Aubrey has been dying to see since I went a few years ago with Kim..and then again with  my mom:) was coming to Dallas, so I went online and purchased two  tickets a few months prior to the show. It was killing me to keep it a secret! I bought two dang good orchestra seats for her and Joey. I wanted her to experience it closeup! I will admit that it also killed me to not go with them! But Joey had never seen the show and I had so it made sense...and I wanted it to be a special date for them..a memory I know she will treasure. And with how long the show is including travel time, I also didn't think I could be away from the baby that long. So I missed it...but I'm okay with it :)

So, the night before the show when all the other kids were in bed, I told Aubrey to stay up a little later. Joey then gave her a Wizard of Oz book that we have and told her to open it and inside were the tickets. She was SHOCKED. It was awesome:) We got it on video too! She was so excited the next day at school and couldn't wait to get home and get ready for her dinner/broadway show date with her Daddy. I snapped a couple of pics of them before they left and off they went. They got a quick bite at Chipotle and then enjoyed the show. I loved hearing about it and looking through all of the pics! She loved it. And Joey also bought her a t-shirt that she LOVES to wear and of course wore the next day at school :) I've had the soundtrack for years and now she listens to it lots and lots. She had such a great time! And was so grateful-she knew it wasn't a cheap night and I love how much gratitude she showed(and always shows for everything..she is our kid that will thank you ten times! :) She is a sweetheart and deserved this special date! And something else I have to add, Joey took me to my first broadway show too :)

I don't know if its just me, but doesn't Aubrey look so old in this picture? And strikingly beautiful? Wow, Aubrey, you are gorgeous. And people say she looks like me... ;)


jOeY said...

That was such a fun night! We both felt bad you had to miss it. :( Everything worked out perfectly that night. I agree, she'll never forget that date. It will be a sweet memory for both of us.

Marie Rayner said...

What a wonderful thing for you as parents to do for your sweet girl! I have always said you are the bestest parents! I am sure Aubrey will cherish this special date with her dad the rest of her life! xxoo

Tara D. said...

What a special night for the two of them! :) One day, I will have to see Wicked too.