Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hurricane Alley!

Joey's parents hooked us all up with free tickets to a new little waterpark in CC: Hurricane Alley. We didn't get a lot of pics since its a waterpark and thats sorta a hard place to have a camera! But we took a few goodies that I wanted to share. We had a blast! So glad the cousins could come too! The older two girls ran around with Don and Kai while the adults were with all the younger ones. Perfect! Kinda a funny tidbit about the day. While we were there, one of Don's friends from school was working the icee machine and got us all free ICEES. Suh-weet! Then when we ended the day with a trip to the cool downtown two story Whataburger..where Joey and I's story began:)...the manager there brought Don, Kai and the older girls(who were at a booth together) free apple pies! It was a day of freebies! So awesome. Enjoy my phone pics...I'm starting to use my phone for most pics these days it seems..its just the way things are enjoy my supah fly instagram filtered pics:) And the other moderate-quality phone pics :) I think actual cameras might become extinct soon enough with how much people are connected with their cell phones!(which is good for us...since Joey works in that biz:)

Thanks everyone for a great time!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

My toe es no bueno.

Not that you wanted to see my hideous feet, but this is what my toe looked like a day after I broke it(on beach day, walking in the sand was NOT cool). Looked even worse on Tara's wedding day! So awesome. First broken bone ever people. And it was my dang pinky toe! It hoirt. But I seriously just looked and felt like a big wimp.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun with a paper bag.

While at Nana & Tata's the kids had a lot of fun with...drumroll please...a brown paper bag! Isn't it funny how the most simple things like a box or a bag can provide so much entertainment for kids?? Probably because they actually have to use their imaginations, unlike lots of toys where kids are pretty much zombies just staring at it or pushing buttons :) We are raising zombies people. Get out yer bags and boxes!

A kid in a bag.

Even two can fit inside!

Wes just thinks everyone is crazy, er, I mean funny :)

 Joey drew a face on it..then it got really interesting.

 Ella the bag robot.

 Cousins just laughing together. Cali and Shelby are little besties. I love it.

Kids ready to swim! (Next post is a couple of waterpark pics from that day) And I guess they were showing their bellies to the photographer? I don't remember whats going on here! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wesley's 1st Beach Day! And Cali lost her first tooth..

While in Corpus, we went with my mom and my brother, Taylor, to the beach early one morning(thanks for coming with us!!). Its fun to do a sunrise donut breakfast there :) Yumminess... and you beat the heat! On our way there, Joey ran into HEB to grab some donuts and also came out with a big blowup whale. It made me seriously laugh out loud as I saw him walk to the car with that thing(already inflated even:). Such a fun dad, love this guy :) It was Wesley's first time to go to the beach and he LOVED it. And also LOVED eating the sand(every baby does it, so funny!) And okay, he didn't love it once he tasted it, but yet continued to taste it a few times each time remembering why he shouldn't with pretty funny facial expressions:). He loved crawling around and he loved watching the ocean and seagull. He was just smiling and smiling the whole time we were there.

Another fun perk to the trip: while we were there Cali lost her very first tooth! She bit into a donut and then said, "I lost my tooth!" and then panicked when she couldn't find it. We thought it was maybe inside the donut-no. Then we were worried she swallowed it..but we eventually found it in the sand(well, Joey found it, not "we" :) It was like a little treasure hunt trying to find it-haha. She had been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to happen! Lots of other kids in Kindergarten were losing teeth and she was feeling left out. So yea for Cali! She got her first tooth fairy visit! :) Very exciting. It was a fun morning!

Have to caption this. Who doesn't love to see the inside of someones mouth covered in chocolate and blood? hahaha. Kinda gross. Sorry. But we were all proud! :)

I have to caption this one too:) This was taken after taste testing the sand. He no likey.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bachelorette Party Mormon Style ;)

After looking at these pics, you will see why my sister is one of the funniest people on the planet. Her facial expressions had me laughing while I was creating this post even:) Tara's best friend, Nicole, (with just a smidge of help from me) threw her a super fun girls night the night before her wedding. She went ALL out on food and decor..what an awesome friend Nicole is! Love her. We had scrumdiddlyumcious food and punch, hung out and played a couple of games. My game was bridal mad libs which turned out pretty funny...and Nicole planned the one where you have to bend over not using your hands and pick up a cut cereal box(with top cut off) with your teeth. A strip gets cut off every round so that its shorter each time, thus making it harder to get. And guess what? I won. Seriously. I don't ever win anything so it pretty much made my life :) And I even had a broken toe..oh yeah! So yeah, no strippers or alcohol yall...just good ole Mormon girls fun. I think the worst thing we did was get her a few raunchy gifts :) And talk naughty talk..haha. Hope you had fun Tara! I know I did that night!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tara & Arthur's Wedding

My sister got hitched yo! :) Tara and Arthur finally tied the knot! Woot Woot!  Took ya long enough guys ;) 

We went to CC the beginning of June to visit and attend my little sister's wedding. It was a crazy week! We were there helping as much as we could..with my five kids I'm not sure how much help we really were, but hey, we tried :) We all had little jobs to do-my girls loved being part of helping:) I was happy I was able to go out with my mom and Tara one night for a dress fitting and to pick out her jewelry. She looked stunning in the dress-it was a gorgeous gown. And the jewelry we helped pick out was perfect! We also went out for appetizer/dessert that night at Applebee's. I really enjoyed going out just us girls :)

One hiccup in the week: Two days before the wedding I broke my freakin pinky toe...that cramped my style. Seriously ouch. I couldn't put pressure on it at all the first day. I was hopping around like a dummy. By the wedding day, I could walk like a normal person, with just a little limp so that was good, but it was still not cool. The night before the wedding I helped Tara's best friend, Nicole, put on a small bachelorette party(tastefully done of course:) for her and it was lots of fun(I'll make that a separate post:) and then the next day the three of us went to get our nails done, which is something I still laugh about...the place wasn't the best(okay, it was cuh-rap) and Tara's facial expressions were a RIOT. She always makes me laugh that girl...

Then it was wedding time! Tara decided to do the wedding in my parents backyard which was a beautiful setting. My mom ordered tents/chairs/plants/lots of stuff to transform the backyard into a lovely wedding. It looked awesome. Tara got all dolled up while we all scrambled to finish last minute decor and food. And it all came together and it was beautiful ceremony. My mom worked her booty off. I don't know how she pulled it off so quick but she did..there was a moment in there where I thought she might just fall right over, hahaha. But my Mom is one tough cookie and held it together and did it! :)And of course my dad, Joey, the bride herself(her and my mom planned the whole thing-we were just the worker bees:), my brothers and the girls were all a big part of helping it come together as well. And Ella was a beautiful flower girl and Ammon was the cutest ring bearer I've ever seen:)We weren't sure what Ammon would do, but he did exactly what he was supposed to. Phew! :) The food, music and company was perfect. And Tara and Arthur looked like a smashing couple if I do say so myself.

Tara, we wish you and Arthur the BEST in life. We love you! Enjoy these pics from their special day.. 

Wedding prep...

Beauty sleep for the bride to be :)Not sure she ever knew I took this pic? She knows now!! Whahahaha.

My mom isn't going to love that I'm posting a picture of her butt. But I like this pic. My mom, the energizer bunny...

And the ceremony begins...(these pics courtesy of our friend, Erica) 

Ella was nervous in case you couldn't tell:) I don't think she looked up but she did a great job!

Stud. He worked that aisle like he owned it.

This picture is hilarious. Joey totally making plans back there like a mischievous little elf...planning his revenge.

 Total Tara moment :)

Cutting the cake. And I'll admit I was surprised that they fed each other nicely. Arthur was luckier than I thought he was going to be :)

My family(well except Austin who couldn't attend)
Crap, I just typed "s"s instead of "w"s in the word aww!!!!! That would've been a reeeally BAD typo!! LOL right now...

 HANDSOMEST ring bearer award right here.

Me and my sissypoo. Doesn't she look beautiful? I just look tired or something:)

Total craycrays. I don't even know what the heck I'm doing. Tara looks funny though. 

 My sweet girlies.

 My little beebee. Deep in thought. Wondering who in the heck are all of these people.

 The flower bouquet was breathtaking. 

The cake was simple and elegant. Love the flowers on the front. It was muy delicioso too.

Cute pic of the bride and groom when everyone was gone. Enjoying some tent time ;) Wasn't the tent so beautiful? The little puffballs and lights were so pretty.

Joey's revenge.

That's an inside joke :) Okay, I'll tell you about it whether you care to know or not:) A few days after Joey and I were married, we were all watching the wedding video one day with our family. During the part where we ran out to our car, we noticed Tara throw the rice at Joey with all of her might. I mean, ALL OF HER MIGHT. It was hilarious. She had a lot of pent up energy or maybe she just hates Joey for taking me away from her? Hahahaha :) She really socked it to him! Anyways, Joey got her back. Not with quite the same force still...but I think they're good :) We'll call it even now.