Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 months baby!

Okay, so I think these are some of my FAVORITE pics so far out of all the month pics I've done. I could EAT this boy! He is so soft and sweet and adorable!!! The lighting was the best the day I took these pictures. Captured the essence of his softness perfectly. And he was so expressive. Aww, I just love this baby!

So whats Wes been up to this month? Well, his crawling has turned lightning speed.  and he is constantly pulling up to standing. Its so weird to see him standing now! He'll be trying to cruise along the furniture before we know it. He has really started to love music and will crawl and then rock on his hands and knees...crawl some more and then pause to rock again:) He likes to jam. Some good news: he is starting to like solid foods more. PHEW. I thought I might have to nurse him forever(ew!). The first thing he reeeally took to finally was Ritz crackers. He really loves those. Those were our big breakthrough! He definitely prefers to feed himself than to be fed. I guess hes a "I can do it myself" kind of kid:) He'll occasionally let me feed him Gerber baby food(bananas and fruits preferred...he will NOT eat baby cereal...hates that stuff which so crazy since the others ate that fine.) So at least we've figured out he will eat something:) Its hit or miss some days, but its a start! He sure has been stubborn with this eating thing and has especially loved to spit it all in my face. But hes cute. :)

I also think he is starting to give us know the kind I mean. Those open mouth wet ones-those are the sweetest! We love you lil man!

Its getting SO much harder to get the shot with the sign without him ripping it to pieces or bending it in half! So we shoved a car in his mouth. j/k Joey would give him the car and I would have about 2 seconds to take the picture before he'd see that dang sign and grab it. It was fun :) It was like a race. And he won. A lot.

This one is hilarious.


jOeY said...

i love these pics!!! they are so good. they are my faves so far. You're getting really good at taking these. ;)

Tara D. said...

I LOVE these pictures of him. He has the most adorable expressions. Miss that kid. :-D