Monday, June 03, 2013

Aubrey the Ready Writing Champ! And the Computer App student of the year!

Aubrey decided to try out for UIL Ready Writing this year. She was sick of spelling words :) I knew she'd do great at this too because she is a fabulous and creative writer and thinker. And sure enough, she competed and got first place! So proud of you Aubrey! What a big year for her!Here she is with the other kids that placed, Adam(who we've heard a LOT about this year..wink wink..she'd kill me if she read this!! Hahaha) and her friend, Hannah. Thanks Kara(Adam's mom) for emailing me this cute picture of them! I took a picture too..but hers turned out way better:) I wasn't sitting as close.

Another award she received was the computer applications student of the year. I thought this was HUGE! The teacher emailed me a few days before the assembly with just the NICEST email ever. So many compliments to Aubrey! I have to copy and paste some of it here because it was just so awesome:

Aubrey’s creativity, productivity, work ethic, and extremely energetic attitude are beyond her peers. She was always willing to be the first to try something new and to help others in need. I definitely noticed that her intellectual growth, in regards to an understanding of processes and skills on the computer, went far beyond any of her peers. With that said, I always found myself grateful to have her in class because of her willingness to engage others in collaboration and to lend a helping hand to classmates who lacked the same understanding of a concept or application we worked with in class. I really don’t have the words to describe all the ways Aubrey excelled in my class or for the many qualities of leadership she shows on a daily basis..

We were so proud. For him to pick her out of ALL the students(he has every 5th grade student rotate through his classes all year long) was really amazing! It was a really fun surprise for her to be chosen.

Aubrey has shown this year how hard of a worker she she excels at just about everything she puts her mind to...and also how to be a good leader and friend to others. Everyone looks up to her and everyone loves her. She is a sweetheart and an example of choosing the right always. None of these things are surprising of course:) Congrats on a fantastic 5th grade year Aubrey! Can't believe the year has come to a close already! 6th grade here we come(and can I just say how relieved I am that she won't be with 7th and 8th graders yet?! So glad we moved...she'll be with 5th graders, phew!)

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Tara D. said...

That's so awesome! I'm so amazed at how talented she is; she has turned out to be one awesome lil lady! We love you Aubrey!!! Congratulations!!