Monday, June 10, 2013

Little girls awards and last day partytime!

Joey and I were able to attend the little girls awards assemblies or "learning celebrations" as they now call them(which cracks me up. There is no its not a real celebration:) I guess they are trying to jazz up the title? :) Feed us, er, I mean, them cake!! Anyways, it was really cute to watch their big smiles as they walked up to the stage to get their awards. Cali was a riot. I wish I could post a video of her as she hopped on one foot into the room. It was GOLD. All the other kids walked quietly into the cafeteria. Not Cali. It was a proud moment. It actually was. I loved it! I loved to see her having some fun. It was fun to be the parent of the crazy kid:) hehehe. Just kidding, Cali. You were the CUTEST happiest kid in the room obviously bursting with excitement:) She received lots of awards and even candy from her teacher. Ella was more toned down of course:) But with her beautiful bright yellow shirt and bright smiling face as she walked up when her name was called, she was glowing. She received A honor roll for the last six weeks, lots of other awards including the Principals Award and her teacher gave her the "Eager Reader" award. She read the most books out of all the kids in her class this year. Go Ella! They both had such great years. Cali did great, was a bundle of energy in class, learned to read awesomely and was friendly to all. I can't believe how good she reads now! She even reads scriptures with us now and barely needs help:) Ella worked hard, became a math pro(when in the beginning of the year she said she hated math-she turned a weakness to a strength! So proud), made a new best friend(yea!), and read so many books I don't even know how many she read honestly. She is a studious, hardworking awesome lil student! Great job ladies!

 And below are pics from the very last day of parties(Cali's room mom who is also a friend of mine threw a kickbutt summer party with music, dancing, and the limbo! Oh, and lots of treats!) No other class was partying harder that day. Loved it.  Ammon even got in on the action as you can see.

 Oh, and one other piece of info I forgot to include. Ella broke her finger on the last day of school! See how crooked it is? Crazy. She didn't even cry. I just showed up and saw it and was like, what?! She did it in P.E playing some kind of flag football game, finger got yanked sideways. School nurse wasn't around when she had gone to the nurses station earlier that day(but I'm glad she did find some ice) so when I got there took her back and some lady that was there(that I assumed was a nurses aid) sorta blew us off and acted like she was fine. I took her to her pediatrician a day or so later, she had a buckle fracture. So that dummy in the nurses office was, well, a dummy. This reminds me I need to email someone. . .;)

Pics with teachers and friends...

 Doesn't Ella look way too old in this shot? This was at the 4th grade "last time to walk the halls" parade about 15 min before school ended that day. We were giving them all high fives. That'll be her next year! Craziness.

Ella decided she wanted to party on the school bus home. Cali wanted to ride home with me:) So here is Cali and Ammon right at the countdown before we left. Everyone counted down the last 20 seconds and then it was screams, yells, and kids busting down the doors to get outta there:) 

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Tara D. said...

Girl, I hope you emailed someone about her broken finger. Sheesh! But she's one tough gal, glad it didn't seem to bother her too much. And congrats to the gals on such wonderful performances this past school year. Way to go!! Y'all are super awesome!!!