Friday, June 14, 2013

Wesley rocks the backwards hat

Joey picked out a pretty rad hat for Ammon last month. He met me for lunch break and we were at Target. We separated and he came back with this turquoise craziness..and I'll admit its not something I would've grabbed, but I love it:) You might've noticed it in the camping pics I already posted. Ammon LOVES this hat. Its also handy when Ammon has bedhed(which is quite often:) And as you can see, Wes digs it too. Hes such a cute lil homey G.

And surprisingly Ammon was cool with him borrowing it(well for about five minutes anyways:) Even gave him a hug. 

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Tara D. said...

It is a cute hat, looks cute on them both. It was sweet of Ammon to share, even if it didn't last too long. Lol