Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wesley's 1st Beach Day! And Cali lost her first tooth..

While in Corpus, we went with my mom and my brother, Taylor, to the beach early one morning(thanks for coming with us!!). Its fun to do a sunrise donut breakfast there :) Yumminess... and you beat the heat! On our way there, Joey ran into HEB to grab some donuts and also came out with a big blowup whale. It made me seriously laugh out loud as I saw him walk to the car with that thing(already inflated even:). Such a fun dad, love this guy :) It was Wesley's first time to go to the beach and he LOVED it. And also LOVED eating the sand(every baby does it, so funny!) And okay, he didn't love it once he tasted it, but yet continued to taste it a few times each time remembering why he shouldn't with pretty funny facial expressions:). He loved crawling around and he loved watching the ocean and seagull. He was just smiling and smiling the whole time we were there.

Another fun perk to the trip: while we were there Cali lost her very first tooth! She bit into a donut and then said, "I lost my tooth!" and then panicked when she couldn't find it. We thought it was maybe inside the donut-no. Then we were worried she swallowed it..but we eventually found it in the sand(well, Joey found it, not "we" :) It was like a little treasure hunt trying to find it-haha. She had been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to happen! Lots of other kids in Kindergarten were losing teeth and she was feeling left out. So yea for Cali! She got her first tooth fairy visit! :) Very exciting. It was a fun morning!

Have to caption this. Who doesn't love to see the inside of someones mouth covered in chocolate and blood? hahaha. Kinda gross. Sorry. But we were all proud! :)

I have to caption this one too:) This was taken after taste testing the sand. He no likey.


Tara D. said...

I really missed out! I would have taken that little whale all the way out to the horizon. Okay, not really, I'm sure it would have deflated before I even hit the water.

hoLLy said...

you are making me laugh tonight...picturing you riding it to the horizon is making me geegle.