Monday, July 29, 2013

Sharkarosa with the fam

Ever since Cali went to Sharkarosa  Ranch on her Kindergarten field trip, the older girls have wanted to check it out too. After I got a smokin deal on Groupon (half price baby!), we ventured out on a lovely not-too-hot Saturday morning to check out some animals and ride the dirtmobile:) It was a fun morning topped off with lunch at a delicious bbq place. Well, fun other than when we went into the petting zoo area and a goat started acting a little nutty jumping on people. Which then freaked out Cali. Which then caused a major meltdown. Dang goat.

 Yeah, this was a Cobra. Like 5 feet away from kids?! Maybe it was defanged or something? We sure hoped so. Our kids weren't too close...but I guess the girl in purple's mom is getting tired of KIDDING.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


We celebrated our one year anniversary of owning our home(okay this was actually June 30th..I forgot to post this!) with a store-bought-from-Costco Cheesecake Factory variety cheesecake. It was reeeal good. We even lit a candle and sang "Happy Anniversary...Happy Anniversary....Happy Anniversary...Happy Anniversary!" to ourselves. We are weird. But some say we are fun. And I also think we are cute..well, the kids are anyways :)

And a little collage I made on Instagram and Photo Grid(Aubrey showed me photo grid:) Aw, the memories...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our anniversary present to ourselves :)

 The next goal in our kitchen remodel was to redo our floors. We were lucky enough to have the extra money to do this..and I was very happy we were able to do it before Wesley's luau coming up :)  With a lot of people coming, I wanted our kitchen to look good! Not that I hate tile(we actually debated between a more modern 12 inch tile and the wood), but the tile we had was UGLAY. Old, funky and dirty. The grout was originally cream and had become a dark brown. Ew. I don't even wanna know what was embedded in there from two previous owners...

Anyways, we decided to continue the handscraped hardwood flooring from the entry/dining/halls into the kitchen. I have heard different stories about wood being in a wet area like a kitchen, some good some bad. We decided to go for it anyways. YOLO!(you only live once for all you non-middleschoolers out there, haha) We love the way it looks and feels so we will just try our best to not destroy it(lets just pray our dishwasher doesn't ever blow up or flood!). I LOVE our new floors and feel like it gives the kitchen a whole new feel. Its amazing what new counters and floors can do for a space. Thanks Joey for appeasing a wife that hated the kitchen we bought...we now have a whole new one that I loooove. I won't ask for anything else. For at least a year ;) hahaha.  Happy Anniversary to us!!! Gosh darnit, after 13 yrs, we deserve it :)

Before pics...don't you just love the diamond look? Ha.

After: Ahhhh, much better :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

11 month old silly baby

Oh my. This was the most hilarious photo shoot yet. Get ready to laugh. This boy was seriously being a goofball:) And not wanting us to take a picture. Joey helped and had a dinosaur and was trying to get him to hold it without grabbing the sign. Near impossible :) And towards the end Ammon came in and wanted to be in the shots so I got a few cute pics of my three handsome boys. I love how these pics turned out!!

So Wesley now has teeth! 4!! Scary times for a nursing mama :) And his biggest accomplishment of the month is that he is now walking along furniture. Hes a cruiser! I love it. He is finally loving juice and water..and all kinds of table foods. And I think hes putting on a little weight so I'm curious what the next dr. visit stats will be. He didn't even register on the charts for weight at his 9 month visit-ha! But my dr. knows my babies are little. Its just genetics.They are happy and healthy! And skinny. But honestly, I've never thought my kids looked THAT skinny. Geez. How could he not even be on the charts?  Whack. I'll be glad when he is back on the charts again..I always feel like I need to beef em up when I find out they hit the 0%tile. Or that the dr. secretly thinks I barely feed him or something :) I do! I mean, look at these pics, hes got chunk on his legs. And like I've said in other posts, the boy is silly. He tries to be funny already. He likes to climb on Ammon and "wrestle" him. He also thinks its funny to yank peoples hair out of their head. The recipient of the hair removal doesn't think its so funny... :) We love him so much! I can't imagine life without Fesley, er I mean, Wesley(Fesley is what Ammon calls funny:) 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

13 years with my man

July 6th was our 13 year anniversary(lucky 13!) I can never express in words how much I love my man. He is a gem. Not everyone is so lucky to have married a man who devotes himself to his wife and children the way Joey does. I am so so blessed. I'm not sure how I snagged him, but I'll hold on tight :) The dude is kinda stuck with me for eternity...whahahaha. :) I think hes okay with that ;)  We are seriously best friends and I love that. I'm not saying we don't ever have disagreements, we do, but I think as we've gotten older and have been together longer, we get over things more quickly. We apologize more quickly and get over things faster than we used to. I think we've realized even more lately that life is unpredictable and short. Why waste time arguing about the small things? Its just pointless. I know I've been trying harder at humbling myself in our relationship and recognizing when I'm being a punk wife and stopping that behavior. Its hard! But I'm kinda proud at my progress :) Ask Joey(and I'll say right here that I am the one that usually gets all worked up over the small stupid I'm the one working on it...Joey's pretty much a saint). I've been way more apologetic about stuff! And I feel like at this moment our marriage is the strongest its ever been. Its such a great feeling. We've always been strong, I've never doubted the choice to marry him & I've always loved him with every fiber of my being. But we've had our years where we've argued way more than we should've and there has been more tension that I would've liked to have(I'll blame hormones for some of those spats--haha--I swear I've been pregnant or nursing most of our marriage! It does a numba on ya..) And like I said, its usually about stupid little things. Not even worth the time to argue about. So I guess what I'm saying to anyone thats married and reading this, don't sweat the small stuff in a marriage. Get over yourself. Think about the other person and put their needs ahead of your own. Wake up in the morning and think-what can I do for him today that will make him smile? And I promise things will get better and you'll be happier. Because your spouse is.

So what did we do to celebrate? We went on a date!!!!!!(if you know us, we have not been able to do this much this year since having the baby). So, good news for us is: We have a daughter who is finally babysitting age!!! Do you know how awesome and life-changing this is for us??? I am so excited about this new phase in our life. We can leave! And we don't have to pay a sitter! And its a girl we love, know, trust! I'm so happy. You have no idea.

We hit this place in a neighboring city called Cafe Malaga. It has a beautiful outdoor patio and live music. And they serve Tapas(little plates with little taste testers basically). It was so fun to get to try so many different dishes. And each dish was uh-mazing. We had so much fun and really enjoyed the time together. The atmosphere and company was perfect. I love you Joey! Happy 13!!! There is no one in the world better for me than you. And I honestly don't know anyone better than you. You are the best person I know. xoxo

 And how can I not include the beautiful potted flowers Joey and the kids picked out at Home Depot Days that morning and brought home to me. I love them. So, they don't quite look like this anymore..but I'm trying to bring them back to life. LOL I do not have a green thumb. Oops.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

July 4th, 2013!

Joey bought a new awesome flag for our house this year. Our old one was getting tattered and torn. This one is a little bit bigger and more brilliant, shiny and new! Love it! The kids were excited to have it out front. The evening before July 4th(which I just calculated to be July 3rd...I'm smart like that) Joey marched the kids to the spot where he put it. It was so cute to watch them all lined up behind him marching behind the flag :) The next day I went all out and microwaved pancakes..haha. Okay, I tried to get crazy with strawberry syrup, blueberries and whip cream, but nothing too awesome. Joey spent the afternoon barbecuing and we had some of our new besties over for a July 4th lunch. It was such a fun afternoon spending time with the Richey bunch. We just love that family and feel so blessed to have them in our lives now. They brought over some yummy food too and we feasted all the live long day:)! We then went to their neighborhood pool for a swim and even met up later for fireworks. It was an all day marathon together and we never got tired of them...thats how you know the love is real people :) Grateful for good friends to spend the holiday with! And of course even more grateful to be living in the U.S.A. Everytime I see an American flag, I feel such gratitude and pride. We are so blessed to live in this nation.