Thursday, July 18, 2013

11 month old silly baby

Oh my. This was the most hilarious photo shoot yet. Get ready to laugh. This boy was seriously being a goofball:) And not wanting us to take a picture. Joey helped and had a dinosaur and was trying to get him to hold it without grabbing the sign. Near impossible :) And towards the end Ammon came in and wanted to be in the shots so I got a few cute pics of my three handsome boys. I love how these pics turned out!!

So Wesley now has teeth! 4!! Scary times for a nursing mama :) And his biggest accomplishment of the month is that he is now walking along furniture. Hes a cruiser! I love it. He is finally loving juice and water..and all kinds of table foods. And I think hes putting on a little weight so I'm curious what the next dr. visit stats will be. He didn't even register on the charts for weight at his 9 month visit-ha! But my dr. knows my babies are little. Its just genetics.They are happy and healthy! And skinny. But honestly, I've never thought my kids looked THAT skinny. Geez. How could he not even be on the charts?  Whack. I'll be glad when he is back on the charts again..I always feel like I need to beef em up when I find out they hit the 0%tile. Or that the dr. secretly thinks I barely feed him or something :) I do! I mean, look at these pics, hes got chunk on his legs. And like I've said in other posts, the boy is silly. He tries to be funny already. He likes to climb on Ammon and "wrestle" him. He also thinks its funny to yank peoples hair out of their head. The recipient of the hair removal doesn't think its so funny... :) We love him so much! I can't imagine life without Fesley, er I mean, Wesley(Fesley is what Ammon calls funny:) 


jOeY said...

he is such a little joker already. :) I love the pics at the end of me and my boys.

Tara D. said...

"Ooooh a dinosaur...PAPER!" LOL Love this photo shoot. Who needs a dinosaur when there's paper to play with anyway??? Adorbs!