Thursday, July 11, 2013

13 years with my man

July 6th was our 13 year anniversary(lucky 13!) I can never express in words how much I love my man. He is a gem. Not everyone is so lucky to have married a man who devotes himself to his wife and children the way Joey does. I am so so blessed. I'm not sure how I snagged him, but I'll hold on tight :) The dude is kinda stuck with me for eternity...whahahaha. :) I think hes okay with that ;)  We are seriously best friends and I love that. I'm not saying we don't ever have disagreements, we do, but I think as we've gotten older and have been together longer, we get over things more quickly. We apologize more quickly and get over things faster than we used to. I think we've realized even more lately that life is unpredictable and short. Why waste time arguing about the small things? Its just pointless. I know I've been trying harder at humbling myself in our relationship and recognizing when I'm being a punk wife and stopping that behavior. Its hard! But I'm kinda proud at my progress :) Ask Joey(and I'll say right here that I am the one that usually gets all worked up over the small stupid I'm the one working on it...Joey's pretty much a saint). I've been way more apologetic about stuff! And I feel like at this moment our marriage is the strongest its ever been. Its such a great feeling. We've always been strong, I've never doubted the choice to marry him & I've always loved him with every fiber of my being. But we've had our years where we've argued way more than we should've and there has been more tension that I would've liked to have(I'll blame hormones for some of those spats--haha--I swear I've been pregnant or nursing most of our marriage! It does a numba on ya..) And like I said, its usually about stupid little things. Not even worth the time to argue about. So I guess what I'm saying to anyone thats married and reading this, don't sweat the small stuff in a marriage. Get over yourself. Think about the other person and put their needs ahead of your own. Wake up in the morning and think-what can I do for him today that will make him smile? And I promise things will get better and you'll be happier. Because your spouse is.

So what did we do to celebrate? We went on a date!!!!!!(if you know us, we have not been able to do this much this year since having the baby). So, good news for us is: We have a daughter who is finally babysitting age!!! Do you know how awesome and life-changing this is for us??? I am so excited about this new phase in our life. We can leave! And we don't have to pay a sitter! And its a girl we love, know, trust! I'm so happy. You have no idea.

We hit this place in a neighboring city called Cafe Malaga. It has a beautiful outdoor patio and live music. And they serve Tapas(little plates with little taste testers basically). It was so fun to get to try so many different dishes. And each dish was uh-mazing. We had so much fun and really enjoyed the time together. The atmosphere and company was perfect. I love you Joey! Happy 13!!! There is no one in the world better for me than you. And I honestly don't know anyone better than you. You are the best person I know. xoxo

 And how can I not include the beautiful potted flowers Joey and the kids picked out at Home Depot Days that morning and brought home to me. I love them. So, they don't quite look like this anymore..but I'm trying to bring them back to life. LOL I do not have a green thumb. Oops.


jOeY said...

I'm so blessed to have found you. I prayed to find someone like you and here you are 13yrs strong. I had so much fun on our date that night. Thanks for being such a wonderful mother and wife. I love you!!!!!

Marie Rayner said...

Congratulations Holly! You are such a sweet couple and have such a lovely family. I have been poor in commenting lately. Not enough time in the day it seems, but I do keep up with your posts and love them all. Todd and I will celebrate our thirteenth anniversary this year too! I love Joey's comment. You are a lucky woman! xxoo

PS - your kids are the sweetest. I Love the photos of all your "men" together. So adorable!

Tara D. said...

I really loved reading this post; it makes me want to be a better wifey to Arthur. :) And those Tapas sound amazing; great, now I'm hungry...again.

Tara D. said...

Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple!!!

hoLLy said...

thanks everyone!!