Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun with a paper bag.

While at Nana & Tata's the kids had a lot of fun with...drumroll please...a brown paper bag! Isn't it funny how the most simple things like a box or a bag can provide so much entertainment for kids?? Probably because they actually have to use their imaginations, unlike lots of toys where kids are pretty much zombies just staring at it or pushing buttons :) We are raising zombies people. Get out yer bags and boxes!

A kid in a bag.

Even two can fit inside!

Wes just thinks everyone is crazy, er, I mean funny :)

 Joey drew a face on it..then it got really interesting.

 Ella the bag robot.

 Cousins just laughing together. Cali and Shelby are little besties. I love it.

Kids ready to swim! (Next post is a couple of waterpark pics from that day) And I guess they were showing their bellies to the photographer? I don't remember whats going on here! :)


Tara D. said...

I remember when Mom used to put paper bags over our heads when we went out anywhere in public. Good times, and even better memories...

hoLLy said...

and remember the ropes she'd bind us with? ahhh, the memories...