Tuesday, July 02, 2013

"Hes the baste!"

Joey and our gang after church on Father's Day. Quite the handsome bunch if I do say so myself. Gosh dangit I love these people!

Father's Day was filled with kids working and serving(which means it was an awesome day:) We did the usual crepe breakfast for Joey(I made the crepes the night before since we have 9am church-thats love yall!) The kids  gave him homemade gifts and cards. He loved everything and I could tell he had a great day. The funniest card was one of Ella's(she made a few:) One of the cards said, "I hope you have a great Father's Day Fiasco!" She didn't know what the word, fiasco, meant :) She thought it was just a fancy word for a day that is great or something like that...made us laugh. Aubrey was super sweet and used her money to buy him a RC car because she knows he likes those kinds of things. I told her not to do it-she doesn't have a lot of money so that was a big chunk of her money but she has a giving heart and had her mind set on it. It meant a lot to him:) Cali wrote that she loved him "so mutt" in her precious card:) And Ella helped Ammon make a card. I also was given a dollar from Ella and Cali to buy him candy. They are such giving little kids! We also gave him his Father's Day massage and cooked him dinner. He deserved an awesome day because well, he's an awesome daddy and husband! The kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful father. He is that kind of dad that every kid deserves..one that spends time with them, has fun with them, sets a good example, leads our family in righteousness, and always is thinking of some new awesome memory to create with them, whether its ziplining or fishing for crawdads in our backyard:) I married the BASTE guy ever. (Nacho Libre...I'm stupid, I know, but he gets it :)

Enjoy our early morning sleepy eyed pics..


jOeY said...

Every father's day is better and better. You guys spoiled me that day. thank you for such a sweet post.

Tara D. said...

What a bunch of awesome kiddos! You guys really have the "baste" kids. :) Happy Father's Day!!