Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our anniversary present to ourselves :)

 The next goal in our kitchen remodel was to redo our floors. We were lucky enough to have the extra money to do this..and I was very happy we were able to do it before Wesley's luau coming up :)  With a lot of people coming, I wanted our kitchen to look good! Not that I hate tile(we actually debated between a more modern 12 inch tile and the wood), but the tile we had was UGLAY. Old, funky and dirty. The grout was originally cream and had become a dark brown. Ew. I don't even wanna know what was embedded in there from two previous owners...

Anyways, we decided to continue the handscraped hardwood flooring from the entry/dining/halls into the kitchen. I have heard different stories about wood being in a wet area like a kitchen, some good some bad. We decided to go for it anyways. YOLO!(you only live once for all you non-middleschoolers out there, haha) We love the way it looks and feels so we will just try our best to not destroy it(lets just pray our dishwasher doesn't ever blow up or flood!). I LOVE our new floors and feel like it gives the kitchen a whole new feel. Its amazing what new counters and floors can do for a space. Thanks Joey for appeasing a wife that hated the kitchen we bought...we now have a whole new one that I loooove. I won't ask for anything else. For at least a year ;) hahaha.  Happy Anniversary to us!!! Gosh darnit, after 13 yrs, we deserve it :)

Before pics...don't you just love the diamond look? Ha.

After: Ahhhh, much better :)

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Tara D. said...

I really do love the new kitchen! It's turned out so beautifully. :) And yes, after 13 years, you totally deserve it!