Monday, July 29, 2013

Sharkarosa with the fam

Ever since Cali went to Sharkarosa  Ranch on her Kindergarten field trip, the older girls have wanted to check it out too. After I got a smokin deal on Groupon (half price baby!), we ventured out on a lovely not-too-hot Saturday morning to check out some animals and ride the dirtmobile:) It was a fun morning topped off with lunch at a delicious bbq place. Well, fun other than when we went into the petting zoo area and a goat started acting a little nutty jumping on people. Which then freaked out Cali. Which then caused a major meltdown. Dang goat.

 Yeah, this was a Cobra. Like 5 feet away from kids?! Maybe it was defanged or something? We sure hoped so. Our kids weren't too close...but I guess the girl in purple's mom is getting tired of KIDDING.

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Tara D. said...

Fun fun fun!!! Maybe the little girl in purple was misbehaving earlier in the day? LOL And those goats, they suck. That is all.