Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grandma and Great Grandma Visit!

Both my Mom and Grandma Adams were able to visit us recently. It was so great to have them here with us! We did LOTS of stuff(LOTS of eating! My Mom is the queen of dessert making so pretty much all of my pictures are from that:) She always finds lots of fun things to bake and create. And we don't mind being part of the eatering:) Made that word up right now..I am THAT good. We also had a couple of days where we had to be out of the house thanks to our floors getting worked on so we ran all over town doing I don't even remember half of what we did(swim lessons was part of it all...I remember a trip to Bath & Body Works which always makes me buffet...stuff like that) One day we went to Downtown Dallas..or actually it was Uptown. I don't really get the whole directional up and down stuff, but it was where the tall buildings are:) We met up with my Aunt Cindy for lunch, visited my cousin who was in the hospital because of heart irregularities(thankfully he was ok!), and also took my Mom to Sprinkles for the first time. That was a fun day. And a crazy one! Crazy fun I guess. One day we did the Galleria(some of these days my Grandma was with my Aunt-we did not haul her to a mall!) And one night we went to Bahama Bucks so my Mom could try their Hawaiian style shaved ice-the softest in the world!  Well, unless you are actually in Hawaii. Can't top that. Games of Peanuts and other board games(Cali enjoyed some riveting rounds of Guess Who? :)  Lots of good times! I love these two women and am grateful to have them in my life and in my children's lives! They are awesome. And a special thanks to my mom for staying longer than planned to be there for me and help me out while our floors were being redone. I was a little bit on edge some of those days and stressed out..and she still stuck it out!!! ;) Love you!

Dessert making at home...

Great Grandma's Girls

Took my Mama to Bahama :)

Grandma and Wesley sharing a moment

No mercy for Cali. Okay, my mom actually did show mercy. This time... ;) 

 I'm adding these for your enjoyment. Don't judge me. I like to take crazy pictures. And I like to get every last drop of dessert. This was the remains of an icecream cake we had made. And I thought I'd scare my children with an icecream covered face. They thought I was weird. But I like to think they think I'm cool. Or not.

Lunch with my Aunt and Grandma

 Ella silly facin it

 Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!!

 A day at the Galleria

One whack looking toad with a very cute boy on top


Tara D. said...

Oh Holly, you are one crazy cool mama! Love that choco face!! LOL Looks like a fun time with the grandmas; but dang, now I want a cupcake.

hoLLy said...

oh, i didn't even post the best pics...i'll send those to your phone! hahaha. i looked seriously crazy.

Tara D. said...

Yeah, um, I still haven't gotten those pictures yet...:)

hoLLy said...

oops, thanks for the reminder. going to send now. . . :)